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The Exquisite Night Chimes

|| A Myriad of Lights at Atlanticana's Midnight Hour ||RoleplayGovernment

Act II: The Exquisite Night Chimes

The swirl of colors marks the sky in a flourish as tones of purple and orange dominate the scene. The sun is descending and the night is approaching. Music can be heard playing across the Violet Capital, spotlights are being activated, fireworks are being prepared, the people are ready to start the festivities - the year of the dragon is upon us.

The city is decorated with all kinds of things in honor of this, from small and cute dragons to big fearsome ones, all are enjoying the vibes of the approaching Midnight Hour.

In the centre of the Skylands, on Blahaj Avenue, a concert is on-going featuring one of the most popular performers in all of Atlanticana - Morski Pas!

The crowd can be heard screaming and clapping as the serenity of the Morski Pas carries them deeper into the night.

"Hm...perhaps I could try that one!", says Luna pointing to a stand selling all kinds of snacks and desserts, Luna having her eyes on the glazed dango in particular

"Sure, I might get one of those too", said Enlais, trying to catch up to an overenergetic Luna. " seems that I have forgotten my wallet at home, maybe I'll try it next time", Luna exclaimed though visibly a bit down because of it.

"Oh, don't be silly! The dango is free here! This isn't some capitalist dystopia, unlike Warzone Trinidad or Land's End!", Enlais chuckled a bit at how Luna managed to forget something that is basically a core elements of this place

"Well, I guess I forgot that part, got too used to the vibes of the AA, I suppose"

The two laughed together. "This dango has a bit of an odd taste, it's somewhat bitter even though it's supposed to be sweet. I don't understand what's wrong", Luna spits out the bitter dango ball onto the plate and washes down the flavor with a sip of water. "It's arlight, Luna! The ones I got are sweet, we can share them between each other". "I like that idea", Luna smiles due to thinking that she's getting the better end of the deal here, while Enlais uses the opportunity presented to them to feed Luna with a dango ball. Luna's face immediately turns red, not having expected that at all to happen. She smiles and says "I'll get back at you for that one day."

-- On the other side of the city --

A reflection of the sky can be seen on the majestic waterfalls of the Violet Garden. A sea of colors above and below, one in the form of clouds colored by the sun, the other a collection of flowers, giving the area a magical look, especially when combined with he glowing lanterns that have been placed around the garden.

Even this beautiful garden has not been spared from the festivities. Decorated and full of people, it shines more brightly than during any other time of the year. The people are celebrating the new year, enjoying some delicious food, and drinking to their heat's content, for within this realm, there is nothing to worry about. No threats, no malicious forces - things like that don't exist within this safe space, for that is the promise of the Archonate and the blessing of the Primordial Council!

Night time has falled, the sky is now adorned with an array of fireworks coloring it with various shapes and forms. From cats to dragons - the Skylands has it all tonight!

"It was a fantastic idea to meet up here. Wonderful scenerey, great food, and lovely company", one of the visitors, called Amber said with a big grin on their face. "I couldn't agree more", said one of their friends while taking a big sip of some kind of drink. "This year, the festivities are even more impressive than they were last year, it seems the Archonate really gave it their all this time around"

The group of friends continued eating and drinking and enjoying each other's company deep into the night. A wonderful occasion for a people that have deserved to get some rest after an eventful year.

"The lanterns in the sky are wonderful! It's like they're flying, kinda like magic!", says one of the people from the group to which Mika says "It's just what happens due to the fact that warm air is less dense. Basic physics, not magic"

-- Meanwhile in one of the restaurants in the city --

"Madame, we are nearly closing, you have been eating dinner here with your family for over 10 hours now, surely you can call it a night by now so that we can go home already?"

"Oui, I suppose we should be heading out now, gotta get some rest for the big day tomorrow", said Sakura, paying the waiter and departing from the restaurant, the cold air hitting them in the face

Sakura smiled, she liked the cold

On the way towards their home, Sakura noticed a lot of cats gathering around her. "Interesting", said Sakura as she bent down to pat some of the cats, the cats meowing at them in response. "Aww, cute".

Sakura eventually made it back to her apartment, deciding to call it a night and falling asleep in their bed. The rest of the city was preparing to go to sleep as well, it already being 4 am, and therefore making the people tired of the festivities that lasted for most of the night.

Caseiotia and Helena though had other plans. The two were walking alongside one of the many waterfalls, contemplating some of the weirder sights that people have seen around the city. Whispers of strange occurrences, of sounds that cannot be explained, of entities roaming the streets at night that shouldn't exist...what could all this mean?

To be continued in Act III: The Firework Girl's Strange Stories