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Things that happened during Operation Hidden Vulpe

NationState's favourite scrapbooker is back at it again. Chaotic Sparkles told me to do this, and with the ammount of people who invoked the name of new horizons, well I couldn't say no. So sit back, relax, and enjoy one hell of a story.

Before the Raid: Herding Cats

We have refused to learn anything from Operation New Horizon

There are more people then this. They are offscreen. My monitor is not big enough.
"Arsto joined and we imediatley knew we had to turn off the soundboard" - Valtarre

Where there's a will to raid, there's a way

After the Raid: A Formerly Fox Themed Raid Currently Occupied With Dogs

How it began

A very rapid change of heart

Pictured: Defender Native Outreach (2024, Colorized)

Valt forgets what sever he's in

Mira definitely knew what server he was in

Turns out, you can just ask Raiders for RO positions if your dog is cute enough

Westinor does not approve of this

The Dog Wins

The region celebrates the triumph of doggo

I don't know why we were here before, and I don't care. This raid is about dog now.

Dog stays winning

Myrth is a dog hater. #JusticeforXCountry

Final Epilogue: Myrth Doesn't Know How the Game Works

Well you see... about that

Picutred: Myrth is no longer in Europe. It will take him far longer then you would expect to realise this

They say insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

Pictured: Myrth scours the forums in search of an answer

We kept track

At least he admits it

Disclaimer: it is late, this raid was confusing, and I am tired. The images depicted may not be in exact chronological order of their occurrence, but I am satisfied they tell a coherent story.