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Shannon's Log 10: Tedstein Island to Ted Town Checkpoint West

Travel Log 10: My experience in Ted-Town was filled with many interesting events. I travelled to a library, one which has existed for centuries, but had only recently become privatized following the collapse of the first generation of Ted Town, as the current ruler of the state had united many of his people before transitioning to a mixed economy. In spite of this, civil and political freedoms are restrictive, but their economy, as of now, is booming amongst the nations. I was able to purchase many books, from bed-time stories for the children of Sovereign, to in-depth research on the mysterious Crackle, a creature that many murmur to be still stalking the forests outside of the waters of Tedstein Island. Much to my surprise, the nation has a thriving black market that until recently seemingly dominated. However, the leader of the country has recently taken heavy measures to counter this through regulated private industry. I preferred to keep my nose clean, however, and opted to avoid involving myself with the black market for fear of deportation. I took periodic stops along the railway, visiting small villas along the western railway, and speaking with some of the locals. The Tedbugs here seem to have an immense pride for the reconstruction of their nation, which they seem to identify as a single city, hence "Ted-Town", with the rails being treated more or less like roads would in another city. I learned that the Shrimp Bowl, held at my home, is a celebrated tradition here, with Ted Town having won the last Annual Shrimp Bowl; I recall this one, I had bet on Rock-Out Randall, but Baby Claire, who was raised here in Ted Town, took home the gold. Many of the areas beneath the railway also were heavily armed, interestingly enough, with the massive pillars housing what seemed like entire regiments of anti-air equipment, but it was always relegated to the platforms and concrete, and almost never in the green of the villas and forests.

I arrived at the checkpoint and my suspicions were confirmed regarding the potential for conflict; S5 troops and Shrikes from the Focke-Wulf Islands, as well as dozens of military aircraft, had staged themselves in the Strait of Aratakra, which may make my arrival there difficult. I will be taking a port on the west coast over to the country and speak with the people there tomorrow. While at the processing center I was once more treated well, and given proper preparations by the staff here. I was able to make a call back to my homeland. When the other line was picked up, I was immediately greeted with "If you call this number again I will kill your mother,". I love my father. The check in was good, but my suspicions about the impending conflict were raised. Ted-Town, as of now does not appear to be involved in the effort. I spoke with some of the officials here; there will be a gathering tomorrow at Sovereign that I am regretting not being able to attend to discuss the goings on in the Straight of Aratakra. Ted Town will be sending off their leader to join, during which I heard, at least previously, the military closes down all entry to foreigners entering regardless of credentials. This made my decision to leave for Aratakra tomorrow morning much more palatable.