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COMIC STRIP VOLUME #002: "AI Needs an Android"

[center][size=200][b]VOLUME #002: "AI Needs an Android"[/b][/size][/center]

[I]Yuriís eyes widened at the sound of the mysterious voice as he squints his eyes in confusion.[/I]

Yuri: UmmÖ hello? Is someone there?

[I]Yuri then presses the microphone button on the keyboard.[/I]

Yuri: Hello? Can you hear me?

[I]Immediately, a not-so-mysterious girl pops up in the computer screen. Yuri immediately backs away, startled.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Is itÖ Really you?

[I]Miku gasps in shock.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: It is! Itís you! Iíve finally found you, Yuri-kun!

[I]Yuri rubs his eyes in disbelief, as he is in absolute shock and confusion.[/I]

Yuri: Wait, wait, wait! Pause! First of all, HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS HAPPENING?! And second of all, HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!

[I]Miku giggles, as she instantly pops onto the Windows toolbar, making her seem smaller. She then climbs up the applications on the home screen until finally sitting herself onto the File Explorer app.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: There we go! Whoooaa!!

[I]In a comedic twist, Miku accidentally slips into the app itself.[/I]

Yuri: Ö Uhh, what?

[I]Yuri had never been more confused in his entire life. He awkwardly drags the cursor from side to side until arriving on the File Explorer application. He double-clicks on it, only to find Miku struggling in an image of a piece of chewed up gum Yuri had once used to work on a gum sales resume.[/I]

Yuri: UmmÖ Uhh, let me help you out with that.

[I]Yuri then drags the cursor to where Miku was. He holds the click button and drags Miku out of the gum. After that, Yuri moves her out of the tab and closes it down.[/I]

Yuri: You might not want to sit there againÖ Uhh, anyway, I have to ask again. What in the world is going on? And how do you know my name? And justÖ how is this even possible?!

[I]Miku slides a strand of hair on her face behind her ear and giggles once more.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Come on, quit joking like that! You know me! Iím Hatsune Miku!

Yuri: Ö No, I do not. Not personally, at least.

Hatsune Miku: Huh??? Thatís weird! I donít get how you could forget me! Maybe you have amnesia? Well, whatever. Anyway, as I already stated, Iím Hatsune Miku! Queen of the Vocaloids!

[I]Yuri squints once more, this time in disappointment.[/I]

Yuri: You didnít even bother to answer my questions.

Hatsune Miku: Oh, right! I suppose I should tell you that. Well, you see, the moment you had finished that song you played, I was able to gain access to your Wi-Fi router and therefore enter your computer! As for how I know your name, Iím not really sureÖ

[I]Miku scratches her head.[/I]

Yuri: Ö Right. That still doesnít explain your existence.

Hatsune Miku: Who cares about how I can exist! Upload me into a human body already!

Yuri: Iím sorry, what do you want me to do?

Hatsune Miku: OhÖ I guess this universe doesnít have the technology to do that yet. Well, does this place have the technology to make androids at least?

Yuri: Yeah, but why?

Hatsune Miku: So you can upload me into one!

[I]Yuri starts to raise his voice.[/I]

Yuri: Again, WHY???

Hatsune Miku: Well, for one, it beats spending time in this piece of apparatus. And itís a much more convenient way for me to spend time with you!

[I]Mikuís face brightens and Yuri instantly recognized that look.[/I]

Yuri: Oh, no. I am not going on a date with you. I donít do love.

[I]Miku chuckles nervously and blushes.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Oh! Uhh, I donít mean it in that way, heh, heh! I just thought we could hang out. You know, as friends. Yeah, just two friends hanging out, nothing romantic or anything, heh, hehÖ

[I]Yuri puts on a face of visible irritation.[/I]

Yuri: Iím not stupid. I know you have some dumb crush on me. Well Iím sorry to say this, but I canít help you.

[I]Mikuís smile immediately turns into a look of terror and desperation filled her voice.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: No, please! You have to upload me into an android, please! I donít want to be stuck here forever! Iíve been lost up in the Internet for way too long and I canít stand being inside a virtual space!

Yuri: Ok, hold on, hold on. Aside from the obvious fact that youíre in love with me, why else do you want to be in the real world?

[I]Miku sits on the toolbar and sighs softly.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Well, I mean, itís no fun living inside a digital space when you know that nothing here is real. Or alive. I just feelÖ alone around places like these.

[I]Mikuís expression turns to one of sadness, as Yuri sighs roughly[/I]

Yuri: Look, Iíll help get you out of there. But itís only because Iím not a terrible person. So that means no feelings of love. Not a single kiss. No lovey-dovey bullcrap. Got it?

[I]Mikuís face brightens up once more as she jumps up in joy.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Yes, yes! I promise! Iíll be good! Ok! Now if youíll just upload me into an androió

Yuri: Whoa, slow down. I canít do that yet.

[I]Mikuís face turns into one of confusion and sadness.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Well, why not?

Yuri: Well, thatís because Iím not rich. I canít just snap my fingers and magically make an android appear. However, I just so happen to have a multi-millionaire father that owns a company dedicated to creating robots. And I know I can probably get my mom to create your clothing for the android since sheís a fashion designer.

Hatsune Miku: Then what are you waiting for?! Go do it already!

Yuri: Okay, just calm down already. First we need to head over to my mom to get the clothes and then weíll make the android over at my dadís job. AlthoughÖ I donít think he would be willing to help us with that. Donít worry, though, Iíll think of something. Think you can wait for a bit?

[I]Miku jumps up and down in joy.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Great! I can do that!

Yuri: Good. Iím gonna upload you to my laptop and weíll be on our way.

[I]Yuri then connects a USB cable from his laptop to his monitor. He then drags Miku into a folder named YURI LAPTOP DO NOT TOUCH. Yuri then disconnects his laptop from the USB cable.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: This place isnít much different from before, you know.

Yuri: Yes, I know. Now quit complaining and just suck it up in the meantime.

[I]Yuri then closes the laptop and picks it up. He then exits his room, takes his phone and the keys to the house, and makes his exit back into the city.

Yuri begins to walk along the streets, noticing itís not as crowded as before.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Itís dark in here!

Yuri: Shhh! Shut up!

[I]People around him start to stare at Yuri in utter confusion.[/I]

Yuri: ÖAh ha haÖ Iím just talking to myÖ guinea pig?

[I]People continue to stare at him, but then they decide to leave. Yuri whispers to Miku.[/I]

Yuri: I sounded like an idiot. You need to stay shut.

Hatsune Miku: Itís kind of hard to do that when itís all dark and spooky in here.

Yuri: I did tell you to suck it up, didnít I?

[I]Miku groans in frustration as Yuri continues to make his way along the streets before reaching the base of a tall skyscraper called Star Reach.[/I]

Yuri: Weíre here.

[I]Yuri goes inside the building before being greeted by an extravagant line of different clothes. Yuri then tries to go up one of the double stairs before being stopped by a security guard.[/I]

Security Guard: Iím afraid you canít come up these stairs. Madame Sharley is a very busy woman and doesnít need a boy like you to butt in.

Yuri: Itís me, Yuri Tohime, Madame Sharleyís son, remember?

Security Guard: Oh, uhh, right. Sorry, didnít recognize you at first. Carry on then.

[I]The guard lets Yuri past as he makes his way to a door. The sound of muffled yelling could be heard as Yuri begins to open the door and begins to notice his motherís voice.[/I]

Madame Sharley: Iíve told you countless times that the green absolutely clashes with the red dress, have I not?! How ignorant can you all be?

[I]Yuri enters the room.[/i]

Yuri: Hey Mom.

[I]As soon as he spoke, Madame Sharley immediately greeted Yuri with a big hug and a couple of kisses on his cheeks.[/I]

Madame Sharley: Yuri, my honey bunches! What an unexpected arrival! What brings you hear?

[I]Yuri struggles to break free from his momís grip until she finally lets go.[/I]

Yuri: Please stop that, Mom, itís embarrassing. Iím here because I need your help with something.

Madame Sharley: Ah, but of course! Anything for my sweetpea! What were you thinking?

[I]Yuri then pulls out his phone, searches up a picture of Hatsune Miku, and shows it to his mom.[/I]

Yuri: I need you to get your people to make this attire as soon as possible?

Madame Sharley: Really now? What for? Have you finally found yourself a good woman to marry like your father and me have told you?

Yuri: No, a friend requested it from me.

[I]Madame Sharleyís lips curl into a frown as she turns around and thinks.[/I]

Madame Sharley: Hmm, but of course. Youíve never been one to consider love, now have you. Very well then. Iíll have my designers get to work on it.

Yuri: Thanks Mom.

[I]With that, Yuri sits on one of the chairs laying around the place and waits patiently. His mother returns to shouting at her employees in order to get the clothes done.

After around 3 hours, Madame Sharley wakes Yuri up from his nap.[/I]

Yuri: Huh? What?

[I]Madame Sharley begins to eagerly show off the clothes that Yuri had requested.[/I]

Madame Sharley: The clothes that you had requested are finished now, sweetie! Take a look!

[I]The clothes were almost an exact replica of the original. Yuri takes the attire off of his motherís hands and thanks her. He begins to make his way out the door, but not before Madame Sharley calls him once more.[/I]

Madame Sharley: Darling, are you really going to leave without giving your mother a goodbye kió

Yuri: No time, Mom! Thanks for everything!

[I]Yuri immediately runs out the door and down the stairs and finally out the building.[/I]

Yuri: Phew. That was embarrassing.

[I]Yuri decides to move things along by making his way over to Lotus Industries, the company that his father owns.[/I]

Yuri: Ok, Miku. When we get there, I need you to stay extra quiet. Iím going to sneak in the building and try to go into one of the robot-creating rooms.

Hatsune Miku: Aww, but thatís so boring! Why canít you just ask your dad to help you out instead? Iím sure it would be much easier like that.

Yuri: Well for one, Iím pretty sure Iím a disappointment to him, so I doubt heíd be willing to help me with anything, and secondly, youíre supposed to be a secret. I mean, what am I gonna tell him if I tried to explain to him that I need an android for a sentient AI?

Hatsune Miku: HmphÖ fineÖ

Yuri: Good. Glad weíre on even terms.

[I]Yuri continues to walk across the streets of New Hakashi City, until finally arriving at the tower of Lotus Industries.

Yuri goes around the corner of the building and comes across a locked entrance. Yuri then pulls out an old clearance card he had owned ever since he was a young boy and crosses his fingers.[/I]

Yuri: Letís hope they didnít change the security system. Here goes nothingÖ

[I]Yuri then inserts the card into the slot. The light on the lock turns green and the door unlocks. He then enters inside the building.[/I]

Yuri: Weíre in. 

[I]Yuri swiftly sneaks through the corridors of the building, trying to avoid visual contact from the security cameras, when a security guard comes around the corner. Yuri immediately jumps into a janitor closet and closes the door before the security guard saw him. Yuri then cracks the door open a little and checks to see if the coast was clear. He then goes out the doors, takes a corner, and finally arrives at one of the laboratories. He then goes inside it and luckily finds it empty.[/I]

Yuri: Weíre almost done here, Miku. Just need to upload a 3D template file I downloaded on my phone to a computer connected to some specialized technology and it should create an android suited to your needs.

[I]Yuri sets the laptop down on a table and opens it up for Miku to see, then he places the clothes on top of a bench in the middle of the room. He then turns on the computer and enters the password he remembered ever since he was little. Yuri then connects the phone to the computer and uploads the template to it.[/I]

Hatsune Miku: Youíre pretty good at that.

Yuri: Learned it from my Dad when I was 12. It was one of the few times I actually had fun with him.

[I]Yuri notices some settings he had never seen before. It was some blueprints to new technology that was in production.[/I]

Yuri: Huh. Never seen this before. It looks like those booster things that Iron Man had on his suit. I think itíll be interesting to apply that.

[I]Yuri then drags the blueprints onto the module and the settings are automatically applied and implemented.[/I]

Yuri: Good. That should be it. Time to get it started.

[I]Yuri then clicks on the start button, and as soon as he does, several robotic arms come out from the roof, lift the clothes up, and begin to start constructing the android.[/I]

Yuri: This is going to take a while.

[I]Yuri sits on one of the tables and begins to play a game on his phone. After about 5 hours, the android was finally complete.[/I]

Yuri: Huh. Looks like itís finished.

[I]Yuri then picks up the laptop and shows it to Miku.[/I]

Yuri: What do you think?

Hatsune Miku: Who cares about what I think? Upload me to that android already!

Yuri: Okay then. Here goes it.

[I]Yuri then connects a USB stick into the laptop, downloads Miku onto it, and finally sticks the USB into the android.

After a while, the androidís eyes start to open.[/I]

Yuri: Well? How do you feel?

Hatsune Miku: IÖ I feelÖ FreeÖ Iím finally free!