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Long Day's Journey Into Night

|| A Myriad of Lights at Atlanticana's Midnight Hour ||RoleplayGovernment

Act I: Long Day's Journey Into Night

Traversing forests, mountains, and the depths of the sea, our travelers find themselves gliding along the Terrestrial Sea towards Atlanticana, the Origin of all Waters. As the journey eventually came to a conclusion, the boats dock at one of the many ports within Atlanticana and the people aboard them descend onto the stage of the Skylands, a beautiful and warm scene at first glance.

"Welcome, travelers" says Sakura, hopping to ensure their passage through the Gates of Atlanticana quickly without any issue. "How may I help you?"

"We would like to enter" states one of the travelers, looking a bit anxious due to this procedure, but despite their fears, they're soon on their way as Sakura's intention isn't to hold them back

"Welcome to the Skylands of Atlanticana, travelers under the protection of the Archonate!" says Sakura while giving them a warm smile, trying to reassure the group that everything will be okay. "Let me know if you need anything! In the meantime there's a couple more people I'm supposed to greet so if you don't mind~" states Sakura, departing before she could even finish their sentence.

"Well, that was certainly something", says Mika with a bit of a frown on their face. The group made its way towards the small coastal town of Romaritime, connected to a port that bears its name, Romaritime Harbor. There, they, for the first time saw Atlanticana in all its splendor, from the vast markets to the luscious gardens, to the merchants on the streets, it was clear that this place attracts a lot of people!

------- Meanwhile, in the Violet Capital

As night time was approaching, preparations for the festival were still ongoing, though everything will soon have to be ready in the Violet Capital to greet the many visitors that are bound to arrive. Luna, as busy as ever, is seen overseeing the preparations like her life depended on it. "Perhaps you should take a break, it certainly wouldn't do you any harm"

Said Enlais, a bit of worry in their voice. Luna merely smiled at her friends and said "Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself, I'm a big girl!", she stood on her tiptoes to further emphasize the point, to which Enlais merely shook their head. "We're never going to convince you to get more than 3 hours of sleep, are we?", asked Enlais though they already knew the answer to that. "Nope, or at least not today as time waits for no one and everything has to be ready for the festival to start without any hindrances!", Luna stuck out her tongue and ran off somewhere.

Fireworks were being prepared, glasses were being cleaned, the streets were being washed away of their dust by streams of water, the personnel casting shadows over their work. It's often said that shadows lurk beneath the capital, just waiting for the right moment, but for the people, that's merely a myth, for surely nothing would happen to them while Luna is there to protect them, right?

------- Back in Romaritime

The sound of music and laughers fills the air. The festive mood is already here. Perhaps the festival itself didn't start, but that doesn't stop the people from celebrating to their heart's content.

"We should probably decide whether we want to stay in the town overnight or catch the train towards the city", one of them, a person called Caseiotia said. "It would probably be better to catch that train, I doubt we can get a room here on such short notice, especially for such a large group", Kexin pointed to the rather large party of people as she said this and the people that were gathered there knew that she was right. It was hard enough already to get a room in the capital several months in advance.

The group slowly makes their way towards the train station. After what felt like an eternity of waiting (but was actually merely twenty minutes), they board the train and head towards the Violet Capital, where they shall continue their journey on Bhahaj Avenue.

The sun begins to set over the Terrestrial Sea, Atlanticana is plunged into a whirlpool of colors. The music drowns out the sounds of the night. For the people of the Skylands, this time period is nothing but a dream, a utopia which may never come to harm. These people have turned this dream into reality and to them, it means everything. It enables them to experience things that would otherwise be considered impossible, it enables...not a different reality, but a new reality, and who wouldn't call such a reality a beautiful dream that one wishes to never wake up from?

For some, that is the case. For others, less so. For while it may be a dream to some, it's the equivalent of a nightmare to others, as the music of the night continues to silence the sounds of their continued struggle, and in the end, all that is left of them is not even a memory.

To be continued in Act II: The Exquisite Night Chimes