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Vice Delegate's Weekly Report: February 4th, 2024

February 4th, 2024
Vice Delegate Report

Greetings, TNP! With another week during the term, we have another weekly report. This has been a slightly busier week for the Security Council. We have held two votes on prospective Security Councilors this week, both of which have concluded and will be presented to the Regional Assembly shortly. Let's take a look at what else happened this week.

Security Council Applications

This week, the Security Council held votes on the Security Council applications of former Vice Delegate PotatoFarmers and former Delegate Gorundu over the course of the week.

Fregerson's application ended up being supported by the Security Council, but the vote was somewhat divided. Five Councilors voted in favor, while three voted against it, with one member abstaining from the vote. In the end, the "Ayes" outvoted the "Nays". Gorundu's application was not as close, but there were still a couple of differences of opinion among the SC. His application only received two votes in favor and received seven votes in opposition. Therefore, his application was not supported by the Security Council. At the moment, we are working on statements on both of these applications to give to the RA.

Weekly WA Endorsement Goals

Chipoli wrote:We haven't reached our goal for Delegate Kaschovia yet, and it's time we change that. The first step in doing that is making up for the lost endorsements that Kasch suffered this week. This week's goal for Delegate Kaschovia is 790 endorsements.

This week has seen Kasch surge in endorsements, especially in the last couple of days. After his endorsement count had hovered around the 780-endorsement mark for most of the week, it shot up to 792 due to a combination of NPAers returning to the region and an influx of natural endorsements. This means that we have reached our weekly endorsement goal! During my midweek endorsement update (it's coming, I promise you!), I will announce the winners of S3 Ethnon and S3 Bananaistan. To be eligible to receive this award, all you have to do is join the WA and endorse our Delegate, Kaschovia.

Chipoli wrote:This week, there isn't a particular endorsement goal for my nation. All you guys have to do is increase my endorsement count by five throughout the week, starting tomorrow.

My endorsement count at the start of this goal that I set was 738 endorsements, and I now sit at 753 endorsements. My endorsement count increased by fifteen, which is far more than the goal of an increase of five that I set for myself during my last report. As a result, I will give away a copy of S2 Czechostan to one random individual who is endorsing me, who will be announced in the Midweek Endorsement Update.

Now, without further ado, here are this week's goals:

Delegate Kaschovia: We have made great progress with Kaschovia's endorsements this week, and I would like to continue that process. It would be great if we could reach another milestone, and that is why I am setting the endorsement goal for Kaschovia this week at 800. If this goal is met, I will give away a copy of S3 North East Somerset to a random individual who is endorsing Kasch.

Vice Delegate Chipoli: Since I have met my goal two out of three times so far during the term, I am setting the bar high this time around. I believe if we gain at least ten endorsements, that would be a huge step forward for the health of our WA numbers. This week, the endorsements goal is 765 endorsements. If this goal is reached, I will allow the community to choose my Discord profile picture for two weeks.


In our next report, you should another update on the applications of Fregerson and Gorundu, along with the winners of the rewards of the Midweek Endorsement Goals. Additionally, I will do my best to release a Midweek Endorsement report this week after not doing so for the last couple of times due to outside commitments. I will also give you all an update on my campaign promises as well, which I haven't done so in a while. Additionally, I will put Discord declassification on my to-do list for the near future as well.



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