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TNN | Anti-Fascist Raid on Valdosta Ends in Victory

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Anti-Fascist Raid on Valdosta Ends in Victory by Picairn
4 February 2024

A joint anti-fascist raid conducted by Lone Wolves United and The West Pacific Armed Forces, supported by the NPA and four other militaries, on the frontier region of Valdosta has recently concluded with its permanent conquest after three weeks of occupation. Valdosta’s fall to the Antifa coalition’s control marks a great victory for anti-fascist efforts across NationStates, as fascists and their sympathisers are denied another frontier where they can spread their abhorrent ideology to new nations.

The region’s founder previously welcomed refugees from Brebina with open arms, a fascist frontier which had been destroyed for harbouring a fascist regional officer and holding embassies with other fascist regions. To prevent fascists from concentrating in a new safe haven, on January 15th, 2024 Valdosta was subject to an anti-fascist raid by LWU and TWPAF, and the NPA assisted in the operation by contributing 17 soldiers and officers to the piling effort. It withdrew from the region five days later on January 20th in preparation for Valdosta’s final transition to a Stronghold under coalition leadership, which has just ended.

In the aftermath of the operation, Minister of Defense Robespierre promoted three new soldiers to Private First Class. Valdosta’s capture sends a strong signal to all other fascist regions out there that their repugnant ideology will not be tolerated nor allowed to expand.