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The Execution Of Afforess

I'm sure many nations have noticed that Afforess is no more. Afforess was deleted by the moderators. The moderators undoubtedly have their own version of events, but here is mine:

On November 5th, 2013, I received a 3-day forum ban.

In the past, I received several 1-day and shorter forum bans, for similar events. Surprised about the relatively harmless nature of the post and harshness of the ban, I decided to end all of my activity on the NationStates Gameplay forum out of a desire to avoid future punishment or deletion. I was worried that continued debates would get my nation deleted, and I valued my history on NationStates more than debating other players.

Now, for some backstory. For some time, I had been operating a newspaper called "Erudite Observer" on the gameplay forums. I had been running the paper as a serious, but ultimately ironic pro-raider newspaper. At the time, all other newspapers were neutral or pro-defender. I made the byline "Madness is to hold an erroneous perception and argue perfectly from it", as a joke, referencing that my perfect pro-raider arguments were proof of my madness [1]. After the forum ban, I no longer wished to operate this newspaper. I changed the password on the nation account, and gave the username and password to my friend, Lun noir. I asked Lun Noir to log in and post a farewell message for the paper, announcing it's end of service. I asked Lun Noir to scramble the nation's password so that neither he, nor I could ever log in again.

A few short hours after this, the moderators deleted both Erudite Observer and Afforess. The official reason was for using a puppet nation to post past the forum ban. To clarify, Lun Noir and I are not the same players, and have different IP addresses. In addition, I no longer knew the password to Erudite Observer and could never log into the nation again. Despite this, the moderators concluded that my ownership of the nation for most of it's past meant that I was still the owner, and my appeal for the decision was denied.

That is the end of my story. Obviously, I doubt the rationale given by the moderators is the real reason for the events. I am not a popular player, particularly with the NationStates staff. NationStates++'s popularity and rise to fame has resulted in animosity from the site staff. I would not be surprised to learn that the harsh forum bans and swift execution of my nation were the only legitimate means of the staff to strike back at my actions. Unfortunately, I have no proof of this, excepting anecdotal evidence that moderators regularly ignore my telegrams and questions, or Linkshow outright animosity.

Hopefully this answers the questions about my deletion. Again, this is only my side of the story, I am certain the moderators and site staff have a very different one. I encourage you to ask.

[1]. I have a running theory that the only sane people are insane people. For more on this, please telegram or Linkchat with me in IRC.

Shadow afforess