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Alternate History Roleplay: The Four-Sided Cold War Of 1980

Blue: United Nations: led by the USA
Red: Socialist World Union: led by the USSR
Green: Iron Bloc: led by the New German Empire
Brown: Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere: led by the Commonwealth Of China

Manchuria is now allied with China
Greece is now allied with China
Central america to Mexico, Ecuador to Colombia, and Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana to Venezuela.
Australia is neutral

The year is 1980. Yet at this dawn of a new age, a cold war that has lasted for half a century still rages on. Nuclear confrontation seems somewhat imminent. How could this have happened?


In the Second World War, Germany successfully conquered Britain, stopping American forces from invading Europe except by a harsh Saharan Front. However, an internal German coup resulted in Hitler and the Nazi party being assasinated and the installment of a constitutional monarchy under a new Kaiser. This new government released Jews from the concentration camps and ended the rampant fascism in Europe. This new nation was the Neues Deutsches Reich (NDR); the New German Empire. Negotiating peace with the allies, the NDR ended the war in Europe.

Meanwhile, Chinese forces managed to push back the Japanese with the help of the Soviets and the USA. However, the Soviets ended up taking Manchuria, the Americans the Korean peninsula, and basically being the same oppressors as the Japanese were to China. The newly formed Chinese coalitionary government grew more divided between the CCP and KMT until a breakoff political entity from both parties, the Zhonghua Mingzhu Shehuizhuyi Lianbang, or the Chinese Democratic Socialist Alliance, managed to seize power and reform China into a democratic socialist country, beginning industrialisation on a massive scale and choosing to embrace both tradition and modernity. This new nation was the Commonweath Of China.

Finally, in 1944, Japan surrendered after Tokyo was surrounded, becoming a puppet state of the USA. The Second World War had ended.

But then...

1944-1951: International tensions repeatedly flare between China, Russia, Germany and the United States, known collectively as "The Big Four". A massive arms race begins.

1951: The Korean War begins, which happens the same as reality until:
1953: The United States drops the first-ever atomic bomb on a large Chinese military base near Pyongyang in North Korea. China retreats, and the Nuclear Age begins.

The United Nations is formed by the United States in 1944 as an organisation to defend and spread democracy throughout the world. The East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is formed in Asia in the early 1960s as China rises to become a true superpower. The Soviet Union invades Iran and Afghanistan in a harsh war in the 1960s too, were the distracted Russians see the Germans snag the Baltic States causing much tensions across the Iron Line and nearly sees World War III erupt, the Soviets use two nuclear weapons in their war in the Middle East.

The nuclear era had begun. So did the space era.

By 1955, the Big Four had started their space programs. Due to this rapid competition, technology grew twice as fast. By 1958, the NDR had launched the first man in space. By 1962, China had landed a man on the moon. By 1970, Lunar and Martian colonial programmes had begun. By 1978, the Lunar and Martian colonies were turning into cities as humanity started to spread out in the Sol system. Humanity is entering a new age- an interplanetary age.
Now, the year is 1980. The Space Age is going so fast that every year, something new happens for one of the Big Four. The Internet covers the world and humanity lives like the 2030s and 2040s in our universe due to the rapid state of advancement. In this age of rapid scientific advancement and nuclearisation of all production of energy, one question remains:

Who will win the Cold War?

Answer this question.

Join this roleplay now.

Nations taken:
The Martian Democracy --- China
Sector 12 --- Germany
Attestaltarragaby --- USA
Aligned City-States of South America --- Venezuela
Icelander Peoples --- Singapore
Kurvizkstan --- Afghanistan
Fredoomia --- Iceland
Entropan --- Chile
QUadpartite Realm --- Soviet Union
Gloucester City --- Finland
The Chads --- South Africa
Great Xanarcica Empire --- Japan
Hakwan --- Indonesia
Cardisland --- India
Name 0 --- Canada
Independent Mercury --- Cuba
New Pudimlland --- Italy
Trump Almighty --- Brazil
SRVy --- Pakistan
Cachard Calia --- Sweden
Kayden Nation --- France
Fredkle --- Turkey
Calption --- Mexico
Insula Libertatis --- Greece
Bizmen --- Arabia
Stellarian Confederation --- Colombia
Renea --- Australia
Rizz Latiandopia --- Argentina

All roleplay posts are to be in Lazarus RMB