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by The Violent Purple of The Sparkling Army. . 40 reads.

The Sparkling Army Occupies Philippines!!

Illustration graciously crafted by Raydiance

The Occupation of Philippines
October & November 2023
Credit to 20xx for original shield design
The defaced shield of Philippines

Gather round, and Iíll tell you a tale.

There once was a region, which stood proud and strong. Valued and respected by its peers. They made many powerful friends. But their success was not to last.

For you see, this region began to decay, and as it did so, became corrupted with a profound darkness. For a long time this region continued, unaware of the curse they had invited upon themselves, for the protective charms cast upon them by their friends successfully held any ne'er-do-wells at bay.

These same friends tried to warn them, over and over. They warned them of the wicked presence they had in their midst, and begged them to get rid of it. But their pleas always fell on deaf ears. Perhaps they underestimated the risk. Perhaps they simply didnít like being told what to do. We may never know.

But complacency is death in this world. Those charms were not to last, as even their friends tired of their antics. And as the spell broke, at long last, witches, ghouls, and ghosts from all walks came pouring into the region. The moment so long awaited has finally come to pass. At last, it got what it deserved.

May you heed caution as to not befall the same fate.

There is only one certainty: Maintain succession, Sign a treaty, Raider Unity.

Initial Jumpers
Sage Chaotic Sparkles
Witch Nova Vinelandia (point+trigger)
Magical Beast Katsuko kitsune
Magi Aurevbush

Auxiliary Brigade
Mage Angeloid Astraea
Prince United Villages Of Eisbutch
Senior Magical Girl Choslow
Senior Magical Beast S-Lanter
Magical Girl The Low-Frisians
Magical Boy Voidkree
Magical Person Kuralvic
Magical Girl Kyldigard
Magical Boy Nacortuine
Magical Boy Final sun
Magical Boy Ziestheim
Magi Sparkling Cryocholians
Magi Gouka
Magi Ardenarai
Magi Lutselkia
Magi Andorra-Pirineus
Magi Feyrisshire in Sparkalia
Magi Crazari
Magi Matagorda Plantation
Magi WtvNation

The People's Revolutionary Air Force
The Black Hawks
The Brotherhood of Malice