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On The Assassination Of Huey P. Long And The Great Depression

The Great Depression, an economic disaster caused by the stock market rapidly plummeting, leading to a cascade of effects, could have been easily solved had it not been for one man.

The Great Depression
The Great Depression in America was an economic disaster that destroyed the economy. From 1929 to 1939, the Depression destroyed the economy, and we have never truly recovered from it. Today, it is now harder to buy a home than it was in the Depression, showing how our economy is now permanently scarred. Despite this, the Great Depression could've been stopped 3 years early, in 1936, by one man.

The Man Who Could Have Saved Us All
Huey Long. Huey Long could have saved the economy within a year if it hadn't been for Carl Weiss and Standard Oil remnants. In 1935, Carl Weiss, the assassin of Huey Long, approached him after a bill to oust Weiss' father in law, although this was a coverup. Weiss' real motivation was a bribe by Standard Oil Of Louisiana, and Exxonmobil. It is clearly evident that Exxonmobil was fearful of Long's pro-poor agenda, and they were scared that their corrupt practices would be brought to an end. Weiss, a physician, was also scared, as Weiss was a private physician.

Though he was assassinated before he could become President, it is obvious Long would have ran in 1936, which is why Exxonmobil struck before he could. If he was elected president, he could have easily fixed the economy within months, by striking down the real creators of the Depression: Industry.

The Causes
The Depression was not natural, it was caused by big business to take control over America and transform it into an Anarcho-Capitalist hellhole under a reunited Standard Oil. Hoover was a humanitarian, so the businesses, just like the Senate Of Rome to Nero, sought to tarnish his reputation. These businesses purposefully caused the Great Depression, and wished to take over the Government. However, FDR and Long stood against these businesses, which is why Long was assassinated. FDR however, survived their assassination attempt, although it tragically led to Anton Cermak being assassinated.

The reason why Long was assassinated by Exxonmobil and Carl Weiss is because of one thing: Longism. Exxonmobil, and other remnants of Standard Oil were some of the greatest enemies of Long, and Long had long opposed their interests. It makes sense that Exxonmobil would wish to assassinate Long, however Weiss is a bit more in depth. Weiss was a private physician who exploited the poor folk of Louisiana, and was also motivated by his Father-in-laws ousting.

Long was unjustly assassinated by big oil, and those responsible must be brought to justice.