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How to make a good flag

Yes! that's right, made by no other then Experina!, I will teach you guys how to make a good flag
First things first.
You don't need to really to follow this tutorial, but if you are making a better flag and don't know how, this is for you.

First off, simplicity of a flag is better, make it something a child can draw, if you just draw super detailed seals, that would make the flag into a mess, so simpler is better, and first off. You want to use the least amount of colors, unless if you really know what you are doing, which you aren't for example, there are many good flags only using 3 colors, so you should only use 3, you can use more, but I suggest 3.
Make it distinct
The most important part of a flag is making it different, like imagine your flag is flown on a world stage, you would want nobody to confuse it with another flag, so you need to make it distinct, you can do that by using different colors in different styles, maybe a good orange and white, with 3 stripes with 2 stars could do, it is unique, yet it is not ugly
Final thing
The one less important rule, but still important is, NEVER, EVER. make text on a flag, you are not writing a document, it is a flag, to represent your nation. and nametags too, ARE FORBIDDEN. like seriously, making your nation recognizable by only a nametag? that's how you know the flag sucks.

The Federation of Experina