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by The Democratic Republic of Council of Asia. . 19 reads.

Proposal #2

State of Emergency Proclamation Bill. 2023

Preamble : Recognizing the need for a comprehensive framework to address emergencies that may arise within the Council of Asia region, this bill aims to establish the State Emergency Proclamation Act to provide a legal basis for the declaration and management of states of emerge.

Condition of imposing State of Emergency Proclamation : If President of the council cease to exit or resigns then, the cabinet ministry including World Assembly Delegacy and government shall be dissolved and a probation office shall be established and acting president shall take the charge.An ordinance shall be passed in the parliament which dissolves the parliament.The acting president shall be elected as WA delegate till a certain period of time as Interim president.

Suspension of Six Code : After State of Emergency is proclaimed, six code shall not be in use for a certain period of time and the supreme court shall ban all the nations who have done breach of civil code, power abuse, breach of military code of conduct, spamming and breaking rmb rules for a period of time.

Investigations and restoration : During the probation period, there shall be a high class investigation on the nations breaking the rules and they shall be punished by Supreme Court where Chief Justice shall take decision on banning or ejecting a nation.Turn wise, all the pleas shall be checked and the verdict shall be announced in maximum 2 weeks.After the investigation is over, There shall be a committe, Administration committe shall decide the changes and new regulation.

Aftermath : After Administration committe draft all the regulation and create new regulation, the election of president shall be called and in a month, WA delegate post elected shall be called. Whole government shall be reformed.Six Code shall come in use.

I, Council of Asia hereby proposes State Emergency Proclamation Bill.2023 for the betterment and sovereignty for the administrative matters.