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How I Was Introduced To NS And How It's Been So Far

X Country's Founding
X Country was founded on Tuesday, September 5 Of 2023. I was introduced to NationStates by my history teacher since we were learning about countries and he so happen to think that his classes should be introduced to NS, since he played it when he was younger. He thought it would be a great idea.

X Country's Naming
X Country was named after my Minecraft world called "X Nation." X Country was originally going to to be named "X Nation," but when I tried to put it in as a name, it had already been used by a recent CTE'd nation. The next thing that came to my mind was that I should put "X Country," since it was similar to X Nation. After that I went home and changed to world's name from "X Nation" to "X Country"

X Country's Flag Making
My teacher originally recommend us to use a website called "," but I couldn't put a flag together from the website, so instead I used Google Slides and just put shapes together, until I had finally put X Country's flag together. It was a great feat since my classmates were very impressed, so was my teacher! Then I just screenshot the flag and used the screenshot file and uploaded it to NS.

X Country's Previous Region
When all of the students founded their nations, we all had to join his region, called Mr Bonhams ELO MMXXIII. When we first all joined, we had no idea what we had to do. I got the hang of things pretty quickly and started answering issues and making "alliances" with my classmates. After awhile, my teacher told us that we would play a giant game of Risk. We all had places on a map drawn on the marker board, when it wasn't our turn, we would just play NationStates in the meantime.

What X Country Did After The NS Period Was Over
I didn't really know what to do, so for a bit I didn't get back on NS until recent early October. I had remembered about NS and decided I wanted to get back online, by that time I had gotten better at the game and understood it more. I thought that all of my classmates nations where still to exist, but most of them had CTE'd. I was lonely so I decided to join Europe, since I liked the actual Europe, and saw their was a actual region called Europe. I joined and immediately liked NS again and became WAY more active, trying to check on my NS account in different class periods and any chance I had, I almost got in trouble for it. I learned how to create dispatches and learned how to make them look clean and detailed.

How X Country Joined The WA
I had been using the school's computer to find and play NS, but when I had tried to join the WA the school's email was strict, so they wouldn't let me receive the WA email. I decided that I could use my own computer from home's email and, boom, I received the WA email and of course, I accepted it.

Friends X Country Has Made On It's NS Journey
Waffland: They were my first NS friend that I didn't know in person. They are an amazing person and they always have my back, even in war's/conflicts. They show just what a true friend is and that, "you don't have to know what the person looks like, but how the person acts, that's how you know they are a true friend."-X Country
The offshore Aage Islands: We are great friends and allies, X Country recently made the NAPF home dispatch for The offshore Aage Islands to show that we are friends and allies.
The AbelLandia: We fought along side each other in the The AbelLandia-Sippleland War

X Country's Home Portal (If You Want To Check It Out)