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It was first colonized in the late 16th century by the French, then, after a relatively brief British period, came under the control of the Americans. In 1902, America agreed to splitting it in three between it, Germany and Belgium. In the first world war, Germany took over the Belgian part, but soon after the war finished, all of the island the Germans had controlled was entirely taken over by America, unifying the island. In 1969, the Independence Party, which desired for the country to gain independence from the US, was elected. It was three years later this goal was achieved, with its colonizer recognising the island as its own separate state and nation. However, this was only under the condition that the country joined NATO and remained "closely allied" to the US in as many other ways as required.
Nowadays, the country is a multicultural, liberal democracy. The current ruling party is the Nation Party of Brice, elected in March 2022. It has been described as "right-populist" and even "far-right".


78.1% White
9.8% African
9.2% Asian
-4.0% West Asian
-3.1% South Asian
-2.9% East Asian
2.9% Other
-2.4% Mixed-Race
-0.5% Hispanic or Latino
Most White Briceans are of mainly German, French and English descent, with smaller amounts of Irish, Scottish, Greek and Belgian ancestry. There were also groups of Icelander, Italian, Czech, Russian, Serbian, Norwegian and Spanish immigrants who contributed to the gene pool. Most Black Briceans are either of Mauritanian, Nigerian, Ghanian or African-American heritage, with smaller groups of South Sudanese and Somalians.

80.1% Christianity
-50.2% Catholicism
-19.5% Protestantism
-7.1% Eastern Orthodoxy
-1.3% Oriental Orthodoxy
5.2% Islam
4.1% Other Religion
10.6% No Religion

Traditional White Bricean cuisine is a mix of French, German and English. Cakes and pastries are very common, often featuring chocolate. Some of these native to Brice include the Trois Niveaux, the Bracion, and all the varities of the Boucle-which is sometimes considered the national dish of the country. There is also the Nut Cake and the Asa.


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