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The Big Six

These are the six Atrochans you should know.


Who is?

Rodrigo Sosa: He is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Atrocha since July 2032. Responsible for the country's foreign agenda, he made important diplomatic ties and is the main figure of "expansionism" and commercial globalization. Sosa is known for his nationalist and populist speeches, but they do not coincide with a closed or isolated Atrocha, but with a multicultural and extensive Atrocha, promoting the free market. Rodrigo Sosa enjoys great popular support and is also the most appreciated in the National Party. He is an investor in several resource extraction companies in the Western Provinces, and leads the "expansionists" faction within Parliament.

Fernando de Lucía: Industrial and shipping businessman, De Lucía is the current Governor of the province of San Jacobo. He acquired large parcels of land on the coast of Eastern Illyria and personally promoted Atrocha's annexation of this coast in September 2032. After promoting the creation of a new province south of the coast, in the basin of the Eglisia River, south of the Lake Posneró, mobilized the first mass colonization of Atrochans to a new territory. A Catholic, he directed law and order organizations in the province and the founding of chapels and parishes. After gaining popularity among the business community and settlers, in March 2033 he was elected Governor of San Jacobo. He belongs to the Nationalist Party of Atrocha, being an important figure in the economic scheme of Illyria, and being one of the promoters of expansionism, frequently confronting his colleagues from the Nationalist Party.

Antonio Prado-Hellán: He is the current Restoration Minister of Flor-Aussia. A young politician in the field of diplomacy, Prado-Hellán has positioned himself as one of the Atrochan symbols of Atrocha's influence in Solitas. Making deals and missions for Solitas, Prado-Hellán was appointed in June 2033 director of the International Management of Flor-Aussia, led by Atrocha after that country's war with Omonia, in accordance with the clauses of the Treaty of Caló, and later he became an influential figure in the Floraussian government. Prado-Hellán leads his own party in the country.

Vicente del Pont: With a fortune valued at 235 million pesos, Vicente del Pont is the current CEO of the Vikonna Island Company. He is also the owner of a semiconductor manufacturing technology company established on the metropolitan island, and is an investor in both Ingenios Muñoz-Paredes (main salt extraction company) and Consorcio Alta Viconia (the company that exploits the Alta Viconia territory). As top boss of the Vikonna Island Company, he has been responsible for the exploration, construction, exploitation and purchase of Vikonna lands, and has been a lobbyist in Atrocha politics, pushing for the annexation and acquisition of Vikonna completely by Atrocha, so that the Company is the most beneficiary of all the lands.

Francisca Apolinar de Moscote: Nicknamed "Doña Pola", landowner and farmer, Francisca Apolinar de Moscote is the current president of the Eastern Atrocha Women's Society. Owner of some lands in the province of Alao inherited from her father and getting involved in the production of vegetables, Apolinar de Moscote was interested in the new lands to the east that the government wanted to explore after the siege of Newport, so she made a great campaign off settlement and land purchases for Atrochans producers. The colonization of the Eastern Provinces was personally promoted by Apolinar de Moscote and her society, with pressure agents gathered in the "New Lives Organization", a think tank with important influence in the National Party and various media. Apolinar de Moscote currently owns 12% of the land in the province of Campiñas, and she's the founder of the city of Campiñas.

Camilo Puntarenas: He is the president of the company Omnimar Navieras, one of the shipping giants in the international trade business. He owns 16% of the shares of the Seaburgo International Credit Bank and his fortune is estimated at 2.3 billion pesos. As one of Atrocha's billionaires, his company, Omnimar, competes against AWMS and the Deltan-owned Atrochan shipping companies for control of Solitas' port trade. Omnimar is almost an omnipresent company in the life of the average Atrochano, financing schools, hospitals, cultural centers, foundations, ports, monuments, public projects and even political campaigns. He is not a member of any party, although he has defended the laws of commercial autonomy, and has ensured that the governments in power respect them.