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Colonial Exports of Madagascar; Vanilla and Gemstones

Maximize how much they will produce. Then shoot them when they tire.

The Reich depends on its colonial empire, the sweatshops and endless fields. The crack of the whip. And yet, we neglect our colonial infatuation to feed the endless desire of the elite class within Germany.

So, while the African remains struggling, the German builds sprawling villas and complexes far away from the endless destruction that plagues Madagascar, from constant partisan warfare to the perils of colonialism. Vanilla farms and banana plants, sprawling rice farms. All run by the firm-hand of the Reich.

Vanilla is a commodity within the Reich and much of Europe. Renowned for its rich flavors, to be used in cakes and tea, pastries and other desires, it has become a staple part of the German diet. And yet, the process of accumulation of vanilla beans is a costly one. In order to achieve the ideal conditions to maximize output, entire rivers must be diverted and populations subjected to nearly slaughter.

And this is what happened. The Sambirano River ended up damned up to form an artificial reservoir connected by canals, and later would result in a new city, the regional capital of the colony, being built by the reservoir, named Vanillestadt. Entire tribes are forced to constantly pick beans and sort them based off their ripeness and other minuscule qualities. The same process is repeated for cocoa and sugar, another dietary staple of the modern German.

Another widespread problem within Madagascar is the rampart deforestation to back the sapphire trade that the German public covets. Rather than diamonds in wedding rings, you buy sapphires. In order to ensure the domestic market has plenty of these little gemstones, it requires thousands to mine away in huge tunnels in unsanitary and toxic conditions to help their bosses become some the richest individuals in not just Germany, but the world. To quote an overseer,

”…they have been granted a thirty-minute break to rest before they mine another canyon. Then they will work the rest of the day, until nightfall. Whatever gruel is worked up for the camp will be there dinner for the night. Lights go out at midnight…”

To ensure the mines flow and constantly operate, millions of Africans are constantly shipped in, from Kenja to Angolaland (although Angolaland has tried to end the trade entirely), in a drastic attempt to replace the losses from starvation and tired workers. The sad part is, the German public will never know the horrors that are inflicted miles within the Earth, the scars that we have laid. Instead of railroad tracks, we set down rifles. Instead of civilization, we brought death and slavery. Tyrants in all but name, liberators in everything by purpose.

The endless pursuit of profit, deemed Gewinn, has driven Madagascar to depression at the hands of our thirst for wealth. But our goals remain indifferent. We do not care how many die, how many get hurt, just how much is put on that table. Such is the way of the world works now.

Now, Madagascar is a decrepit shell of the beauty it once was. It will remain exploited, despite valiant efforts by partisans, because no one will stop the hunger the Reich projects.

”Another sad tale to tell.”