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The Murino Rangers, Justice in the Wastes (WIP, Flashing Lights Warning)

A little bit of unity in the ruins of St. Petersburg.

A man and his convoy of cattle have been held up by some thugs. The Rangers notice, and negotiate with the bandits. The man can keep his cows, and they donít get bullets in their skulls. Of course, they donít love this answer. But perhaps the lead would have been worse.

The dream of good government is stability and unity. The Rangers offer unity, a sort-of hope to the rest of the Zone. They serve as the lawmakers of the rest of the hellhole, in acting their version to justice on behalf of no one, really.

First founded in late March, a month after the bombs hit the city, the idea behind it was simple: a response force that would save the innocent and defend the weak.

The idea failed, however. Now, it uses its long arm to attempt to crackdown on whatever freedom anarchy affords you. The leaders have fallen to corruption, the Rangers themselves to banditry. But they try, at least. Try to fix the damn place. Credit them for that.

To build an idea out of ashes takes hard work and guns. A lot of guns. The only way to make bullets is the Metro underneath the city ruins, assuming you are sided with the Red Front. If you arenít, good luck. Perhaps the Rangers will be kind enough to lend you some rounds.

The idea behind the Rangerís was never Good samaritanship. They must eat too. Their constant patrols are there to defend the weak, but also to ensure that another faction doesnít try to take their spot.

In all fairness, limited options and resources breeds incompetence. In this case, it didnít, really. The Rangers operate well and effectively, albeit with a loose hand, but you will take what you can get. Such is the way of life in the Outlands. Itís either this, or the warlords. One hangs you from a street light, the other gives you a chance to try to hang someone else on that same pole. To quote Marshal Nikolai Volkov, or just Nick,

ĒÖthe Rangers took me in when I didnít have a home, and gave me purpose. Iím certain we donít always do the right thing, but we try. No one else out here does, they just want to survive. So do we, but we prefer others do right with usÖ.Ē

ďThere are no hopeless situations. There are hopeless people. We never lost hope.Ē