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Very Clearly A Gas Station

Hello there! Welcome to Very Clearly A Gas Station!

Very Clearly A Gas Station may seem like your average, boring gas station, but it is so much more! Anyone who enters this hellhole will be trapped here forever welcomed to what is essentially Hell a fun wonderland! There are many things in Very Clearly A Gas Station, with the most famous being the nipple explosion chamber Rollercoaster That Suddenly Appeared! Anyone who goes into the RTSA will receive headaches, concussions, strokes, seizures, and stage 4 lung cancer (all at the same time) always have a blast!

Next we have the HELP MEEE How Did This Ferris Wheel Get In Here! Riding the HDTFWGIH will result in pure pain and suffering epicness!

You think we're done? We're not! PLEASE STOP IM BEGGING
We've got a carousel with sharks instead of horses, a drop tower called Welcome To Hell Really Fun and Enjoyable Drop Tower!

Woah! This looks really cool! How do I experience this?

Well, all you have to do is go into the gas station entrance and there you'll find a door labelled "The Door That Leads You To Epicness". Open it and you'll have to walk through a pathway, and there you'll find an elevator. Go inside it and click the button that says "VCAGS" and tada! You're in the real parts of Very Clearly a Gas Station! What are you waiting for? Explore the world under! and enjoy eternal pain and suffering. Congrats, you did this to yourself. You must be really proud.

Come visit us at Building 24 of Magicality Street 7!

The Federation of Dantek