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On Frontier Solidarity

On Frontier Solidarity

As an organization, FOCUS was founded to stand as a beacon for all frontiers. It serves as the only frontier-centered alliance and seeks to foster unity and cooperation between frontier regions. Over time these goals have merged with that of the Frontierist, whose primary concern is uniting frontiers through values of solidarity, common prosperity, and an inherent duty to provide a stable environment for new nations. With these common values agreed upon by its member regions, we have naturally seen FOCUS become a Frontierist organization itself. As FOCUS pursues its goals with these ideas in mind, it is important to clarify misconceptions about Frontierism.

In On True Frontiers, the concept of Frontierism was born with the establishment of the categorical distinctions between frontiers and wastelands. The characteristics of wastelands were expounded upon further in On Wastelands. Alongside this, the values and qualities of Frontierist thought were proposed as well as an acknowledgement of the fundamental purpose of all frontiers. Though the call to dismantle the wastelands is a critical part of accomplishing the goals of Frontierism, it is not the sole initiative of Frontierists. The objectives of frontier unity and collaboration exist explicitly in Frontierism and even supersede direct action against the wastelands as a directive for Frontierists. These concepts should be understood as foundational aims for all Frontierists to strive for. Since the emergence of Frontierism, a hyperfocus has been placed by detractors on the distinction of wastelands and the military action against them, which has overshadowed these other qualities and objectives of Frontierism. This is an understandable reaction, as regions whose primary concern is raiding or defending would be inclined to see Frontierism as a “Raider” ideology due to the nature of our action against wastelands. This classification of Frontierism is the furthest from the truth and only diminishes its true purpose of frontier unity.

Through FOCUS, our regions are committed to working towards all objectives of Frontierism. As an organization built around frontier unity, it is important that we actively work with our fellow frontier regions in order to support their initiatives as they endeavor to build their communities. We will offer our resources and knowledge to frontiers in order to assist with the establishment of governance, security, and an active community. Those who have not abandoned the inherent duty of frontiers to build a stable environment and provide guidance for new nations should be welcomed by all Frontierists, with their struggles becoming our own. To ensure collective prosperity and a powerful frontier community we must pursue these facets of Frontierism as vehemently as we have pursued the dismantling of the wastelands.

With this in mind, FOCUS will persist in constant pursuit of a stronger, united frontier community. Through our unified action, we will pave a way forward for all frontiers to thrive unimpeded. We encourage those aspiring Frontierists to apply for membership with FOCUS, so that we may stand together in unlocking the potential of all frontiers and raise the flag of collective frontier power.

Pauline Bonaparte
Minister-President of Carcassonne

Marim grunzy
Chairman of Community

Archmage of The Wellspring

Senior Master of the Jade Palace of Valley of Peace