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The Imperial Armed Forces of the ICS
Imperial Armed Forces of the ICS

Armed Forces flag


4 November, 1928


Continentis Septentrionalis


The Imperial Army
The Northern Navy

Overall Commander:

Emperor of the ICS

Supreme General:

Supreme Admiral:

Enlistment Age:


Active Personnel:


Immediate Reserve Personnel:


Total Personnel:





34.3 Trillion €


Second World War (1939 - 1945)
Continentis - Terran war (1953)
The Reunification war (1954-1972)
War of the southern lands (2002 - )









"For those that dare oppose the ICS, death awaits. We serve our Emperor to the end, even if the odds are against us." - Supreme General Calseon

The Imperial Armed Forces was founded on the 4 November, 1928, after several reforms in the nation at the orders of Emperor Leventias I.

It was soon realised that both the army and navy needed to modernise, so a lot of funding was added to thier budget. The plan was to train up 6 additional divisions and 1 armoured brigade. Two aircraft squadrons would later be formed in 1936. However it would take a decade to fully modernise and at that point WW2 had started. Not wanting to anger anyone the ICS stayed neutral but the Germanians attacked in 1940 and that forced them to fully mobilise their 500.000 man army.

After the war the ICS feared that they would be attacked again in their weakend state so additional funding was granted to the Imperial Armed Forces in 1948. This caused them to be on par with the Amerikans in terms of army size.

In the 1950s the newly formed nation of Infernus in Terra started bombing several army bases in the ICS, which resulted in an all out war between the two. The army now with their new aircraft quickly gained air superiority and with that they could deploy thier new weapon, the atom bomb. At 20 July, 3:18 AM, 1953, the bomb was dropped on the capital of Infernus in Terra and on 23 July the peace treaty was signed

In 1954 after the death of Emperor Leventias I the nation was split in two, the People's Republic of Continentis Septentrionalis (PRCS) to the east and the Empire of Continentis Septentrionalis (E/ICS) to the west. This resulted in a civil war with the ICS being outnumbered but having the better equipment.

In 1962 was the first ICS battleship built, The ICN Imperator and two years later would her sister ships be completed, the ICN Ultor and the ICN Imperatrix. These were soon deployed with a dozen destroyers and cruisers to blockade the PRCS. However the ICN Imperatrix would be sunk in 1971 after a torpedo struck its ammo storage.

In 1972 after the ICS Special Forces assasinated the PRCS premier which forced the nation to sign a peace treaty, the nation started demobilised a bit.

Up until 2002 the nation was mostly interested in fixing internal issues and rebuilding the nation after the war. The army was demobilised to 600,000 total personel and the navy decommisioned twenty cruisers and destroyer along with the ICN Ultor.

In 2002 the Imperial Armed Forces was rapidly mobilised as tensions in the south was rising, The emperor belived that they could avoid it but in the summer that year the first shoots were fired and soon the Imperial Armed Forces had fully mobilised its personel.

Doctrine [WIP]

In offensive war:
  • Asymmetric Warfare

  • Total War

In a defensive war:


The standard training last for 1.4 years and consists of a lot of survival and teamwork exercises. In the last week they will be tested to see if they can work as a unit and survive in the wild.

Jäger training last for 2 years on top of standard training, there they will be trained to fight in a variety of climates and terrains.

The Space Marines train on earth in "zero gravity" chambers where they learn how to fight in hand-to-hand combat and in close quarters. Training lasts for 1.5 years.



The Imperial armed forces only has two main branches: The Imperial Army and The Northern Navy. Both of these has several smaller branches
As of 11th April 2023, a new branch has been created: The Star Fleet.

The Imperial army has:

  • The Militia - A voluntary force the 15 year olds gets assigned to

    • The City Guard

    • The Scouts

  • The Infantry - The regular soldiers

    • Engineering Corp

    • Medical Corp

    • Logistics Corp

    • Artillery

  • The Royal Guard - The royal family's personal guards

    • The Royal Cavalry

    • The Royal Infantry

    • The Parade Troops

  • The Mountain Jägers - Specialised infantry trained to fight in mountainus terrain

  • The Northern Jägers - Infantry trained to fight in winter climate

  • The Imperial Armoured brigade - Operates the armies armoured vehicles

  • The Aerial Army - Operates Jets and helicopters for the army

    • Maintenance Crew

    • Jet Pilot

    • Helicopter Pilot

    • Logistics Transport Crew.

The Northern Navy has:

  • The Deep Sea fleet - Consists of submarines

  • The Coastal Defence fleet - Mainly consists of small attack boats and frigates

  • The Blue Sea fleet - This is the navys main fleet, it consists of mostly everything the navy has to offer.

  • The Amphibious Corps - Handles amphibious assaults.

  • The Sea dragons - Handles the Jets and helicopters for the navy

The Space Fleet has:

  • The Star Navy - Responsible for all space vessels

  • The Space Marines - Called in to seize control of space vessels or planetary defences.


Ranks have been rewriten

E-I: Milites 3rd class
E-II: Milites 2nd class
E-III: Milites 1st class
E-IV: Corporal
E-V: Master Corporal
E-VI: Sergeant
E-VII: Banner Sergeant

N-I: Legionare
N-II: Senior Legionare
N-III: Master Legionare
N-IV: Chief Legionare of the (Unit)

O-I: Lieutenant
O-II: Captain
O-III: Commandant
O-IV: Major
O-V: Senior Major

Superior Officers
SO-I: Colonel
SO-II: Lieutenant General
SO-III: Major General
SO-IV: General
SO-V: Supreme General

E-I: Nauta 3rd Class
E-II: Nauta 2nd Class
E-III: Nauta 1st Class
E-IV: Senior Nauta 2nd Class
E-V: Senior Nauta 1st Class
E-VI: Master Nauta
E-VII: First Nauta

N-I: Chief Nauta of (Vessel)
N-II: Junior Lieutenant

O-I: Lieutenant
O-II: Vice Captain
O-III: Captain

Superior Officers
SO-I: Commadant
SO-II: Lower Admiral
SO-III: Admiral
SO-IV: Supreme Admiral

Unit types



Fire Team (FT)


Squad (SQ)


Platoon (P)


Company (C)


Battalion (B)


Division (D)

1600 - 4000


4 Divisions

Section (SE)

4 - 6 Oatendiel

Army (A)

4 Sections

Army Group (AG)

2-5 Armies

Invasion Force (IF)

2-10 Army Groups

Things that are WIP

1st Army "Falscht" (Deployed) Formed: 1928. Name translation: Falcon

2nd Army "Cero" (Mobilising) Formed: 1928. Name translation: Raven

3rd Army "Meind Tvinil" (Deployed) Formed: 1937. Name translation: Younger twin

4th Army "Storsh Tvinil" (Deployed) Formed: 1937. Name translation: Older Twin

5th Army "Shaerne" (Mobilising) Formed: 1967. Name translation: Star

6th Army "Jaelpende" (De-Mobilised) Formed: 1973. Name translation: Heroes

7th Army "Stohle Solidataer" (Mobilising) Formed: 1990. Name translation: Steel Soldiers

8th Army "Marshil" (De-Mobilised) Formed: 2001. Name translation: Strenght

9th Army "Öktenvarshel" (De-Mobilised) Formed: 2014. Name translation: Desert Fox

The medals will be ranked in order of highest requirement

Medal Name



The ICS Star

Awarded to those who in risk or loss of personal life, showed extreme courage and tactical thinking which resulted in a battle or war being won.

Awarded by: The Emperor

The Imperial Cross

Awarded to those who, in risk of loss of ones' life, saved a member of royal family, a high ranking officer or thier unit.

Awarded by: The unit commander

Medal for defence of the Empire 2nd and 1st class

2nd class is awarded to those that successfully defended the Empire against hostile forces.
1st class is awarded to those that successfully defended the Empire against hostile forces while being outnumbered 2:1 or greater.

Wound badge 3rd, 2nd and 1st class

3rd class is given to those that has been wounded in battle.
2nd class is given to those who has been seriously wounded in battle or lost their life.
1st class is given to those that has lost thier life and contributed massivly to a victory.

Medal of Exellent Service

Awarded to those who has been in the Imperial Armed Forces for 10 years and not recieved a single strike

All of these commands are in Septentro (ICS language)
Attention - Maenstil
At ease - Lagnarims
Right/Left/About face - Ritv Rischt/Lyscht/Oam
Fall in/out - Fhalt Ihn/Uts
Order arms - Hosder vaupen
Present arms - Visse vaupen (or) arim-salyt
Right/left shoulder, arms - aksiel rischt/lyscht vaypen
Port Arms - vaupen diagnis

Words in Septentro
Soldier(s) - Solida(taer). Pronounced: Sohl-ida-(tär)
Officer(s) - Ofiseer(taer). Pronounced: Oh-fii-ser-(tär)
Weapon(s) - Vaupen. Pronounced: Va-oup-een
Uniform(s) - Enklaedsel(aer). Pronounced: Än-kläd-sell(är)
Enemy(ies) - Feiend(aer). Pronounced: Fay-end(är)
Friendly(ies) - Vaenliga. Pronounced: Vänn-li-ga
Unit(s) - Anhiet(aer). Pronounced: Ain-het-(är)
Traitor(s) - Faerade(taer). Pronounced: Fä-räh-deh-(tär)

Immediate Reserves: Reserves that can be mobilised in less than two weeks.

Original made by Atlanteas

Military Fact Book

by Atlanteas

Imperial Armed Forces of Atlantea


August 5, 1601




Imperial Army
Imperial Navy
Imperial Airforce

Leadership Postion#1

Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces

Leadership Postion#2

Chancellor of the Imperial Armed Forces

Leadership Postion#3

Master of the Armed Forces

Enlistment Age


Active Personnel


Reserved Personnel


Total Personnel


Total Personnel With Draft



$6.3 Billion


Grauzmann's War (1643-1650)
War of North Abersithia (1830-1832)
Great Revolution (2003-2005)
War of the Degenerates (2043-2199)





















Chain of Command




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