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RMB Debate Days

Hey there TSP! If you're looking for more details about the RMB Debate Days, you've come to the right place!

Where Will The Debates Be Held?
On the rmb of course! And, to simplify things, I'll also say that debates will be held on the same day every week.

How Exactly Will We Pick The Topics?
A page for submitting debate topics will be made on the LinkTSP Forums, and the top 3 topics from there will be put into an NS poll and voted on. If your topic isn't picked, that's alright! You can resubmit it until it gets picked, but we can only debate on the same (specific) topic once a month.

Will I Be Forced To Debate?
Certainly not! This is just to give people something fun to discuss. You don't need to partake in all the debates; you don't need to partake in any of the debates! As always, other discussions can still be held on the rmb :)

How Will I Know Who Else Is Participating?
During the debate, all relevant posts will be marked with something like "(Topic) Debate Response". As the debates go on, we'll be able to figure out what works best for identifying who's part of the debate and who's not.

So, During The Debate, Do I Get To Spam?
Absolutely not! The same old rmb rules still apply here; in fact, a little bit more is expected of you. We understand that some of the chosen topics might get a bit heated, but we expect you to act with dignity and respect for your peers. As they say in JSA, "attack the idea, not the person." If it's found that you can't do that, other participants will be advised not to interact with you for the rest of the debate.