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TNPV XL - Grand Final Information Factbook

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For historical information about The North Pacific Vision, check our Linkhistory page

The North Pacific Vision XL - Grand Final

Semis Voting:
Final Voting
Grand Final:

1st - 6th September
7th -15th Septemer
17th September
18th - 25th September
27th September





Host Nation:




Vancells Stadium

Julia Marie




Linkofficial website

Participation and Vote

No. of entries

Voting System:

Nul Points:


26 out of 62

Each nation awards one set of
12, 10, 81 points to 10 songs,
with 3 reserves in case a nation
receiving points gets disqualified..

Not Available

Not Available

Edition 39 < Edition 40 > Edition 41


Welcome to the Grand Final of the 40th Edition of The North Pacific Vision Song Contest!

Tears, joy, shock, disappointment, excitement. The list goes on... We have witnessed three dramatic semi-finals. 62 nations have become 26 and we are closing in towards the epic finale. A big congratulations to all nations who qualified! All nations, wether they qualified or not, still have the chance of affecting the results and vote for their favourite songs. So use your ability to vote!

In ten days, we will find out who will be crowned champion of TNPV XL! The final is incredibly open and anyone of the 26 nations have a good chance of winning it! But as I said, it's all down to you to decide who will win! Let the show continue, it's time for the Grand Final! It's time to crown a winner! Don't forget to vote!

Good Luck!

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg


How Do You Vote?

Start off by listening to all 26 songs found in the participant list for the Grand Final! The North Pacific Vision Song Contest uses the same points system as Eurovision. It means you rank your top 10 favourite songs and give them 12,10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 points each. You must also add 3 reserve nations to your list. The reserve nations come in play if a nation you voted for gets disqualified (for example for not voting). You send in your votes to The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg via telegram using the voting template found further down below. If you have followed the voting template and read the voting rules (also found further down below), you have most likely voted correctly. It doesn't mater if you've qualified or not, all 62 participants of TNPV are welcome to vote, but only the finalists are required to do so. If a finalist fails to vote, it will lead to disqualification. You have until the 25th of September to vote!


Submissions: 1st September - 6th September

Semi-Final Voting: 7th September - 15th September

Semi-Finals: - 17th September

Grand Final Voting: 18th September- 25th September

Grand Final: 27th September

Voting Template:
12 points Nation (your favourite song)
10 points Nation (2nd favourite)
8 points Nation (3rd favourite etc.)
7 points Nation
6 points Nation
5 points Nation
4 points Nation
3 points - Nation
2 points Nation
1 point Nation (10th Favourite)

Reserve votes:
First - Nation (11th favourite)
Second - Nation (12th favourite)
Third - Nation (13th favourite)

When voting...

  • You must send your votes to the host using the voting template (without the text in brackets).

  • You can't vote for yourself

  • You can't vote for a nation twice

  • You may only vote for nations in the Grand Final

  • You send in your song via TELEGRAM to The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

  • Failure to vote will lead to disqualification. (Applies only to the finalists)

  • Final day to vote is 25th of September!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg or any other TNPV staff member via Linkdiscord or telegram.