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by The People's Republic of TCB Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. . 234 reads.

Vote AGAINST Bail Conditions Arrangements

Official Recommendation of the Ministry of WA Affairs

Vote AGAINST Bail Conditions Arrangements - Here

Category: RegulationArea of Effect: Legal ReformAuthor: Simone Republic

Rationale & Analysis

The current at vote, Bail Conditions Arrangements, contains a number of non-starters.

Section 2.C.II.2 includes provisions that grant member state governments exclusions that grant authority to deny bail. These exclusions, which are based on insufficiently explained terms like "track record," "otherwise obstructing the course of justice," or "serious offense," provide enough vagueness that it creates great latitude for bad actors to deny bail.

Section 9 is a huge non-starter. At present, each member states has the option to decide whether to establish a national judicial law system. However, as Section 9 reads, the interpretation of enforcement of the previous sections is required to be completed by the judiciary. In effect, Section 9 mandates the imposition of a judicial law system, regardless of extant national laws or legal structures, but only with regards to the resolution. That alone is wildly overreaching and absurd.

As such, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has directed Kethania to vote AGAINST Bail Conditions Arrangements, and urges the Bloc's World Assembly nations to do the same.

Analysis By: Second Sovereignty and Namwenia
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