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On True Frontiers

As I assume the seat of Prime Secretary for my second term, I call for all comrades of Community to assemble as we approach the next phase of our regionís development. While we have focused on looking inward to construct a strong foundation for our region, we must now look outward to understand our place in the greater landscape of NationStates. Our identity as a frontier has been the guiding hand in building our government, our laws, and our regional perspective. Through the embrace of this identity, we have found allies of kindred thought and zeal and have officially recognized the strength of these commonalities. It is a source of great pride to see Community and our allies ascend as some of the leading frontier regions. Along with our success, we carry the weight of responsibility for representing the ideals and values of frontiers. It can be said that the frontiers that fulfill these ideas are the true frontiers and their advocates, the frontierists.

Being a true frontier is not a matter of origin or military alignment. It is irrelevant if a frontier did not originate as one. A frontier is no lesser than its peers if it exists as an extension of a non-frontier region. Nor does being a true frontier rely on a preference for defending or raiding or neither. To be a frontierist is to champion ideals of solidarity, governance, and common prosperity as they relate to all frontier regions. It is the responsibility of every frontierist to foster community, structure, and guidance for new nations as they enter the world. Likewise, a frontierist must acknowledge our fundamental, collective purpose and our right to flourish unimpeded. Unlike our Pacific cousins, our status as a frontier is elective and so too is our share of this duty. The neglect of fulfilling this responsibility serves to bastardize the existence of all frontiers and wither the potential of nascent nations. As part of maintaining the standard of frontiers, the frontierist must unequivocally stand against the debasement of these values.

There has been a proliferation of frontiers that have abandoned their inherent duty and serve as an affront to frontierist principles. Whether out of ignorance or neglect, they allow their frontiers to languish, devoid of structure and purpose. These regions exist not as frontiers, but as wastelands. The wastelands stand barren, surviving as hollow monuments of mediocrity. Their construction serves to cripple the prosperity of frontiers and ensnare new nations in a void without guidance or aid. A wasteland is the antithesis of a frontier. They dilute the power of frontiers without regard. The expansion of the wastelands should be of great concern to the frontierist, whose chief commitment is to the betterment of all frontiers. Idleness in response to the threat of the wastelands is the betrayal of our frontierist ideals. It is with these acknowledgments that I call for unified action against the wastelands.

Let the dismantling of the wastelands be the praxis of frontierist thought. To ensure the preservation of our values and a secure and productive future for all new nations, we must disable the shallow husks that masquerade as frontiers. I encourage all frontierists to embrace this as their foremost objective. The wastelands are the only barriers to guaranteeing the unrestricted growth and success of all frontiers. In this, their dismantling is not an act of hostility but an act of liberation. Through unified action, we may propel frontiers beyond the burden of the wastelands. Frontierists from all regions will benefit from this collective effort. And to our non-frontier allies: you only stand to gain from the successes of the frontierist. The advancement of the broader frontier community will yield intrinsic value to regions aspiring to attract engaged and well-informed nations. Thus, I urge those foreign regions, who maintain sympathies with the struggle of the frontierist, to stand united in our fight against the wastelands.

Comrades of the Frontier, we stand at the precipice of a new era of unity and prosperity. Let us unite under the aegis of frontierist principles and cast away the scourge of the wastelands once and for all. In their place, we will erect pillars, built from the foundation of our ethos, that will stand as testaments to the combined strength of the frontiers. Let them be a call to all frontiers to shatter the chains of the wastelands and raise the banner of the frontierist so that the collective power of the frontiers may be finally realized.

In Solidarity,

Marim grunzy

Marim grunzy