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St. Petersburg, the Horrors of War (Undergoing Reconstruction)

[center][b]You could hear the screams below, from miles in the air. War is war. We had no other choice.[/b][/center]

St. Petersburg is the decrepit aftermath of a once glorious empire reduced to nothingness. Ruins stretch for miles, the remains of a bloated city built on the backs of honest men. The nuclear-warhead unleashed on the city glassed it and cemented the end of Russian fascism. Or so we hoped.

In truth, the city is an inhabitable Death Zone, but the outskirts of it, where the Jager stay and resort to, and where the [url=]Rangers[/url] attempt to defend the freedom set up there live, have thrived. The black market of exotic goods created from the radiation and radioactive material, along with petty-trinkets and con-jobs, have cemented the city to the rest of the world as a way to get rich, if you can survive and get back out.

Some, like the Jager, dedicate their whole livelihoods to it. Others don’t live long, consumed by the endless gunshots and anarchy outside the gates of civilization. Or, perhaps, the monsters eat them. They normally do.

[box][img][/img]The creatures in the Petersburg Death Zone are nothing short of… terrifying. Sinew and bone no longer applies to creatures so far dead, yet still functional in some ways, and the result are monstrous horrors. The odd critter pictured above is called a Chicken. That is the name it has been given, as it is typically docile and lays eggs that are rather disgusting raw but decent cooked. Somehow, life finds a way.[/box]

Now, we look at St. Petersburg as our greatest triumph; and our greatest failure. We ended a monster, and made a new one in its place. 

[center][b]“Nothing more than wind and concrete.”[/b][/center]

The Ätherstaat of Nordheimrr