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Life in the Federation

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Welcome to The United Federation of Planets. If you are new to NationStates I suggest taking a look at the FAQ section to help you get acquainted.
Also please do review The One Stop Rules Shop because you donít want to run afoul of the NS Moderators.


The first place to introduce yourself and get to know others within the Federation is our Regional Message Board. Please review the RMB Etiquette to appreciate those interactions. The LinkUniversal Translator is provided for your convenience. There is room for much more varied conversations on our LinkDiscord channel. Itís also where you can make the Pledge of Citizenship to gain access to more channels and activities.

Stellar Cartography

Our Regional LinkMap is currently the fledgling Federation of the late 22nd century. Have a look over the list of Claimed Stellar Systems and decide where you want to locate yourself. Being around many others will put you in closer contact, while a more remote location may be quieter. Here is a list of very useful Links to use when developing your planetís makeup. The LinkWarp Speed Calculator is a particularly impressive tool.

Starfleet Command

Please do join the World Assembly to vote on proposals, and endorse the World Assembly Delegate to amplify our voice in the Galaxy. To become a Member of the Federation and enjoy all the opportunities that the Region has to offer, Linkregister on the secure Linkforum where your vote in the Supreme Assembly will be cast. Although our focus is on Role Playing, the Region doesn't run itself and we know too well the importance of security. Your status in NationStates is tied to titles. You obtain them by holding positions in the Region and, as always, making the experience fun! The Federation structure is clearly established in the adapted Federation Charter. Thereís a job here for you if you want it. All positions are available to the qualified candidates, including WA Delegate and President. Just fill out the Application Form and let us know how you want to get involved and start building your resume. Donít worry if you havenít got a lot of experience either. The Starfleet Academy curriculum trains Cadets in all aspects of Regional operations. Nothing else gets you started sooner or trained as completely. Start perfoming today and be ready for anything in a few weeks.