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Hive | Endorse "A Puppet of My Nation" today!! [WASP]


Founded November 8, 2018 - Federated July 15, 2023

Master DispatchWorld Assembly Security Programme [WASP]
World Assembly Security Programme (WASP)

How do I participate in the program?
WA Members can participate by endorsing our Chief Protector: A Puppet of My Nation, First Vanguard DysonsphereConstructors, and all nations endorsing them (unless they are above the Endorsement Cap).
Participating in this program automatically grants you citizenship, and vice-versa!
    Go to Settings and fill in your e-mail address. (skip if you have done it already)
    Go to the World Assembly page and click on "Apply to Join".
    You will get a confirmation mail from World Assembly on the e-mail address you have given. Click on the link given in that mail.
    Click on the Confirmation Button after that.

    Note: DON'T Keep More than one nation in World Assembly.
    Click on this link or any other nation link which is a member of the World Assembly, then Click on the "Endorse (Nation Name)" button.

Endorsement Cap?
An endorsement cap is the maximum number of endorsements a WA nation may have. It has been implemented to ensure the safety of our region.
Please ensure that you and your fellow citizens are under adherence!
A list of fellow citizens can be found in this dispatch!

Endorsement Cap for Citizens:- 5
Endorsement Cap for Non-Citizens:- 1

A plan to implement a merit program is underway, feel free to check in with this dispatch for news regarding this!

The Dispatch Office of FNR