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Information for World Assembly Voters: Securities Issuers Governance and Disclosures

Information for World Assembly Voters
Please find below another volume of the Information For World Assembly Voters program.

Resolution At-Vote: Securities Issuers Governance and Disclosures

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Our Vote recommendation: Against

Resolution Overview:
This resolution attempts to regulate companies that issue securities by creating "minimum level of governance and disclosure standards" for these companies. It requires all member nations that have exchanges (places to trade securities) to have a regulator responsible for creating these standards. The first set of standards has the regulator enforce "minimum levels of participation in the management of the issuer", which seems to mean that the investor should be entitled to some influence on the issuing company's decision-making. The second set deals with disclosure standards and allows the regulator to mandate that the issuer discloses some information about its functioning, any legal processes it is involved in, conflict of interest, the composition of the board, the salaries of employees, etc. The exchange is also required to facilitate free communication between the investor and the issuing company.

Ministry Analysis:
This proposal is written in an incredibly confusing way and is hard to understand. The part about disclosure standards can be understood, but the part about participation contains very specific provisions which make very little sense after reading them multiple times. In particular, it is unclear what "requirements on approvals by duly entitled investors in the securities that are independent of any transactions with actual and/or potential material conflict(s) of interest between the issuer(s) and other investors in the issuer" means. In addition, the proposal's definition of an exchange does not exclude places where government bonds are traded - therefore, the issuance of government bonds in a centralised way is essentially banned as it is impossible for the regulator to apply any provisions of the proposal to governments. In general, it is hard to imagine a regulator enforcing all of the nearly 20 standards, some of which are hard to comprehend, in any sort of an efficient manner. While the goal of the resolution to protect investors is admirable, it handles this task in a ham-fisted way and creates the recipe for a bureaucratic nightmare. Therefore, the ministry recommends a vote AGAINST this resolution.

This IFV Recommendation was written by Mancheseva City

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