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Opening Address | Second Term of A.C. Alex as Vice Consul


Opening Address for A.C. Alex's Second Term as Vice Consul

Telegram Communique from the office of The Marchionix of Germania, Dominex A.C. Alex

>marked Public, for Official Records release<

Ave Merciam!

The citizens of Merciam have given John Laurens-Wessex and I the opportunity to lead our great region, and I could not be more excited and grateful. Merciam is my home here on NationStates, and I intend to help our home thrive! Over the next couple months, we will be working on several things at once; Internal Engagement, Foreign Affairs Work, Expanding our Lawbooks, and Delegacy Security.

On the Engagement front, there are several things we can do to stir up activity! Polls on the region page, hosting game nights on Discord, web game challenges to earn awards and recognition, and even getting into the world of card collection and trading. We also want to grab every new citizen of Merciam and welcome them into our region, so that they too will make Merciam their home. Each of these ideas will need someone behind them making them happen, and our hope is that you join us in making that a reality.

On the Foreign Affairs front, there are many communities that Merciam has already established ties with, but there are many more than we can work together with! One in particular that John Laurens-Wessex is particularly interested in making happen is a State Visit with Europiea. We have existing ties with that region, but it is high time to formalize that - with a grand event, no less! We also have a structure for our regional military with the GOUDA act being added to the lawbooks and constitution, so our region can now offer material support to prospective friends and allies.

On the Lawbooks expansion front, there are many areas that are yet to be covered by our laws, so we will be working closely with the newly elected Fifth Senate of Merciam on ensuring that our consulship has the tools we need at our disposal to best serve Merciam.

And finally, on the Delegacy Security front, I intend to ramp back up a full World Assembly Delegate Program so that our region's voice abroad carries greater weight and our Delegate The Kingdom of Ignilacrim is secure in their position. There has been discussion of Merciam potentially moving towards being a Frontier region, and a big part of that is ensuring our Delegate is secure enough to not be overthrown. It also ties back in with all previously mentioned efforts - the more active our community, the more close friends we have abroad, the more secure our region will be as a Frontier.

I thank you again for your trust in John Laurens-Wessex and myself to lead you and our home.

Dominex A.C. Alex
Vice Consul
Marchionix of Germania