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Operation Pusat

The information shown here is classified IC. Dont metagame istg

Prepared for the Ministry of Defence, May 17th, 2023

Given the prevailing political instability in Iraq, the Kingdom of Majapahit recognizes the utmost importance of ensuring the safety of its own citizens as well as foreign nationals residing in the country. To address this critical situation, the Ministry of Defence, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has planned a military mission aimed at deploying troops into the conflict-stricken region. The primary objective of this mission is to establish a secure environment, enabling the successful evacuation of Majapahiti citizens and other individuals in need of assistance.

Officially named "Operation Pusat" (Pulang Selamat), the primary objective of this operation is to swiftly and securely evacuate citizens currently stranded within the Green Zone. Recent discussions held between Minister Prabowo Subianto and his counterpart, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, revealed that American forces share similar intentions. Reliable information provided by American authorities indicated their plans to secure the Qadisaya Expressway, thereby establishing a protected route leading to the Green Zone in Central Baghdad. The creation of this vital corridor will facilitate the efficient deployment of our troops, ensuring minimal resistance along the way and enabling prompt access to the Green Zone.
The selection of the Kopasgat (Quick Reaction Force) for this critical operation is based on their expertise in handling ad-hoc, time-sensitive missions. Specifically, the 467 Kopasgat Battalion has been chosen to lead this endeavor, benefitting from their recent successful completion of a combat exercise in the Bandung basin. With a formidable roster of 1,230 men under the leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Bima Tanawijaya, the 467 Kopasgat Battalion is well-prepared for the task at hand. To facilitate their deployment, the battalion will be transported primarily by the 31st Transport Squadron, utilizing the C-130J Hercules aircraft. The 31st Squadron operates from Halim Air Base, conveniently located near the 467 Kopasgat garrison, enabling swift and efficient deployment of the troops.

Prime Minister Jokowi has officially designated Lieutenant-Colonel Bima Tanawijaya as the overall commanding officer for this critical operation. Lieutenant-Colonel Tanawijaya's extensive experience as the commanding officer of the 467 Kopasgat, coupled with his profound expertise in urban combat, makes him the most suitable candidate to lead not only the 467 Kopasgat but also the entire operation. Recognizing his invaluable knowledge and skills, it is fitting that Lieutenant-Colonel Tanawijaya assumes command, ensuring efficient coordination and effective leadership throughout the operation.

Mission map


The 31st Transport Squadron has been entrusted with the responsibility of transporting the 467 Kopasgat Battalion to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. With the approval from American authorities, we have secured the necessary arrangements to establish a temporary forward operating station within the airbase for the duration of Operation Pusat. In addition to the battalion, a dedicated team of medical professionals and border customs officers will accompany them to efficiently process and assist repatriated Majapahitis upon their arrival at Al Udeid. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless coordination between military, medical, and logistical personnel, enabling a streamlined and effective operation throughout the evacuation process.

The 467 Kopasgat battalion will be airlifted into Baghdad International Airport, accompanied by a contingent of American fighters providing crucial air escort. Upon their arrival, a temporary forward operating base (FOB) will be swiftly established within the confines of Baghdad Airport to facilitate mission operations. To enhance the battalion's capabilities, armored support in the form of Pindad Anoas has been integrated into their ranks. Additionally, most of the supplementary support, including aerial assistance, will be coordinated with and provided by the American forces.

Departing from Baghdad Airport, the 467 Kopasgat battalion will embark on their mission, advancing along the Qadisaya Expressway towards the Green Zone. The estimated distance to be covered, without considering potential obstructions, is approximately 15.5 km. It is important to note that the battalion has strict orders to refrain from engaging any targets unless they are subjected to hostile fire. To aid in the subsequent evacuation process within the Green Zone, several trucks will be made available to support the troops effectively. These logistical arrangements ensure the smooth progression of the mission, while adhering to the guidelines of engagement and prioritizing the safety of all involved personnel.

Based on the latest statistics provided by the Majapahiti embassy in Baghdad, it is estimated that around 263 Majapahiti citizens are currently present in Iraq, with a majority residing in the vicinity of Baghdad. Previously, the number of Majapahitis in the country was approximately 591. However, due to the recent Ba'athist coup and a preceding conflict between Iran and Iraq, this figure has significantly decreased. The remaining Majapahiti citizens predominantly consist of aid workers, journalists, teachers, and businessmen. Following an announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these individuals sought refuge within the Green Zone for their safety. However, due to ongoing conflict, transportation has been disrupted, leading to a number of citizens remaining outside of Baghdad. The embassy reports that these individuals are mainly concentrated in Erbil and Basra, facing the challenges of limited mobility caused by the conflict.
Under the assumption that the operation proceeds without significant obstacles, it is anticipated that Operation Pusat will be successfully concluded within a timeframe of fewer than six days. Upon achieving this objective, the Majapahiti forces will execute a prompt and orderly withdrawal, first returning to Al Udeid and subsequently to Majapahit itself.

Final Statements

Operation Pusat has received official approval and is scheduled to commence on May 18th, 2023. All personnel engaged in the operation will depart precisely at 2300 WMT, marking the beginning of this crucial mission.

Given the presence of American forces in Baghdad, we anticipate a comparatively seamless and expedient operation. Notably, this deployment to the Gulf region will mark Majapahit's first significant military involvement since the conclusion of the Gulf War in 1991, signifying the importance of this undertaking.

It is of utmost importance to avert any potential violence involving Majapahiti soldiers on the ground and to refrain from becoming entangled in an unrewarding conflict. Our primary objective is to prioritize the safety and well-being of our troops, steering clear of any situations that could lead to unnecessary bloodshed or protracted engagement. By focusing on these principles, we aim to accomplish our mission effectively and efficiently.