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Creekside Chats #1 - Introductions and Goals

[size=250][img][/img][/color][/size][/center][/background-block][background-block=#F56276][center][color=grey][size=125][b]Presented by the Office of the Vice Delegate[/b][/size][/color][/center][/background-block]

[align=center][b]Creekside Chats #1 - Introductions and Goals[/b][/align]

Hey, fellow Wellspringer, come, take a seat. Itís cooler creekside!

I think some introductions are in order before we get started with anything. Hi! Iím JL/[nation]USS Merrimack[/nation]. Today, I was elected to be your Vice Delegate. I have been playing NS since 2014. Recently, I served for over a year and a half as the Delegate of Warzone Europe, instituting a new constitution, and signing treaties with fellow warzones. This culminated in being selected as the Most Influential Warzoner in the 2022 Warzone Awards. Iím looking forward to bringing that same level of service and success to the Wellspring, and getting to know each and every one of you!

Enough about me though. Letís talk goals and plans. Right now, we have 65 World Assembly Nations in the Wellspring, which is [b]only 5 percent of our total population![/b] out of WA nations, [b]72 percent are endorsing the delegate.[/b]This is a number we want to increase as quickly as possible. More World Assembly nations in the region, and more WA nations endorsing the Delegate [b]increases security and grows our impact on the world stage.[/b] My goals this term are to:

[b][list][*]Increase the amount of World Assembly nations in the region by 25
[*]Increase the percentage of World Assembly nations endorsing the delegate to 85 percent[/list][/b]

Iíll need all of your help with this to achieve our goals. I know I can count on you! 

Thatís all I have for this time, letís check in this time next week and see where we are at!

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