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The Wellspring General Election Result - May 2023

Inaugural Elections of The Wellspring

May 2023

The inaugural elections of The Wellspring have concluded following the recent adoption of the regional charter. This is an exciting time for the region! We're happy to announce that our new Delegate, Vice Delegate, and Speaker have been elected, and we applaud the six citizens who declared candidacy for taking part in our democratic process. The candidates, the results, and a further breakdown of the votes can all be found below.


Here are the candidates for each office:


Vice Delegate:

Speaker of the Local Council:

Voting Results


Vice Delegate:

Speaker of the Local Council:

Congratulations to 9006, USS Merrimack, and Yasou for their elections as Delegate, Vice Delegate, and Speaker, respectively! If you have not done so already, please endorse 9006 and USS Merrimack to aid in the transition.
Breakdown of votes

Citizenship Participation