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Europeian Roleplay Rules

[b]By participating in the Europeian Roleplay, you agree to the following rules:[/b]

1. All Europeian RMB Rules apply:

2. Please make clear and concise posts that are relevant to the RP.

3. Please avoid double posting. It is allowed if you do not do it too often, but try to avoid it.

4. Please keep in mind that the RP starts in 1989, so some technology might not exist, and some events may not have occurred.

5. Annexing another country is not permitted. You may attempt to annex part of another country's land, but not all of it.

6. Please respect the requests and decisions of the RP's regional officers (ROs), they are the moderators for the RP.

7. Keep in mind, violations of these rules may result in (A) your post being suppressed, (B) suspension from the RP, or (C) being ejected and/or banned from Europeia.[/list]

[i]If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact a Roleplay Officer:[/i] [nation]Pland Adanna[/nation] [nation]Pichtonia[/nation][nation]Gemeinschaftsland[/nation] [nation]EmerGEMcy[/nation] [nation]Prov[/nation] or [nation]Spaghettitopia[/nation]