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Dissolution of the TCU

TCU Dissolves... Or did it?

By Yan Reed, SNN International Relations analyst
Updated 15:23 PM NOTZ, Tues 24 May 2023

(SNN - Cohorse, Minuda) - After a collection of deals, the seven states that made up the TCU Union of Nations decided that it was best to go their separate ways. The most notable nations that made up this union were an economic powerhouse, the Minudan Federal Republic, the current supervising state of OSEAN, the Islands of Tonga, the Federation of Heloonia, the Dakota Territories, Greater Saint Paul, and the Soviet States of Europe. Collectively, these nations were very prosperous on their own, but together, they were a powerhouse.

The first announcement was made by Heloonian President, Arthur Fletcher, speaking on a podium placed on a floating platoon on Lake Furton, where he formally announced that "keeping in view the future path of [Heloonia] this was the only way left" and "as a nation withdraw [their] membership from IMF/TCU and we no longer ate in possession of any member status in the said union." The union effectively was a mixture of Chinese and European cultures and a union built on unity and collaboration.

Since the fall of the union, two more unions were formed; the Cohorse Union and the Euro-Paulitian Union which consists of the Soviet States of Europe and Greater Saint-Paul. Both unions reside on Fusea and are effectively very powerful as a result. Currently, there are talks between the parties that used to be the TCU and IMF in order to reorganise the union and bring it back together.

The meeting in Cohorse, Minuda is one of the more unprecedented meetings in the world's long history between some of the most economically-influential states. What will result? Only time will tell.