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by The People's Republic of TCB Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. . 332 reads.

Vote AGAINST Security Council Proposal "Commend Neasmyrna"

[box][center][size=130][b]Official Recommendation of the Ministry of WA Affairs[/b][/size]

[size=110]Vote [color=red][b]AGAINST[/b][/color] "Commend Neasmyrna"[/size]

[size=80]Category: Commendation[tab=40][/tab]Nominee: [nation]Neasmyrna[/nation][tab=40][/tab]Author: [nation]Westinor[/nation][/size][/center][/box]
[box][center][u][b]Rationale & Analysis[/b][/u][/center][table=plain][tr][td][tab=50][/tab][/td][td][align=justify]The proposal suggests the nominee be commended for their work in:
[list][*]The Rejected Realms
[*]The North Pacific
[*]10000 Islands[/list]
For reasons pertaining to opposition towards Bloc sovereignty, the Ministry cannot in good faith issue a vote in favour so long as these regions remain a part of the proposal, or circumstances regarding foreign relations change.
As such, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has directed [nation]Kethania[/nation] to vote [b][color=red]AGAINST[/color][/b] "Commend Neasmyrna", and urges the Bloc's World Assembly nations to do the same.[/align][/td][td][tab=50][/tab][/td][/tr][/table]
[center][size=70]Analysis By: [nation]Mlakhavia[/nation][/size][/center][/box]
[box][center][size=80]Want more information? Please telegram Minister of World Assembly Affairs [nation]Mlakhavia[/nation] for further clarification.
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Thank you for reading.[/size][/center][/box]