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Genocide in Allenes | Autrichean Uprising

Genocide Rocks Allenes during Autrichean Uprising

By Eanraig Ho, SNN Human Rights analyst
Updated 14:25 AM NOTZ, Tues 23 May 2023

(SNN - Allenes, Illusia and Neverendia) - Following a deadly uprising by the Autricheans across Memester, Memesterian and Illuverendian forces have been tasked with not only fighting the rebellion but also taking the major Illusia and Neverendia city back. As the soldiers approached the city and entered it, they were not only met with a barrage of gunfire but they were also greeted with gruesome sights - the corpses of people across the ground.

Many of the people within Allenes have fled the scene, but 20,000 people remained, all of whom were killed by Autrichean militants, who have been a thorn in the side of Illusia and Neverendia since the 90s. As the nation moved forward, the New Principality of New Illuverendia aimed to set them back to the older days and dark ages. They've been fighting this conflict for quite some time, but as they've been losing and gaining, ground, they've made it a task to leave a mark - and in this case, this mark was a mass killing of Allenes residents.

As of now, Allenes has become a martyred city, freed from Autrichean control, but now lies abandoned. Many of the old ruins and buildings remain, but it is uninhabited and still heavily fought over. The Autricheans are losing ground at an alarming pace, and rising questions of many Autrichean leaders being tried as war criminals are arising. The Memsterian-Illuverendian combined force are approaching major cities, regions, and areas of Autrichean control, and currently, the Memesterians are demanding that pardons shouldn't be issued to any Autricheans from the gallows after the war ends due to the genocide in Allenes.

As a liberated city, Allenes is no longer under Autrichean control, but the city is still rocked by the war. The international community is currently in shock and in mourning, and many states sending their deepest condolences. At the same time, the World's Fair in Jenovah was created to show the achievements of different nations, while promoting world peace.

As this conflict develops, the key theme to look for is atrocities. The Allenes genocide has become one of the world's worst atrocities of war, and currently, even as the war slows down and falls in the Memsterian-Illuverendian combined forces' favour, Illusia and Neverendia remains rocked to its core by the Autrichean Uprising and resulting conflict.