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by The People's Republic of TCB Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. . 275 reads.

Vote AGAINST Security Council Proposal "Commend Numero Capitan"

Official Recommendation of the Ministry of WA Affairs

Vote AGAINST "Commend Numero Capitan"

Category: CommendationNominee: Numero CapitanAuthor: Quebecshire

Rationale & Analysis

The nominee of the proposal, Numero Capitan, has done many things considered commendable, as well-detailed in the resolution. Under other circumstances, the Ministry may very well be happy to support a Commendation. Of particular note is the thwarting of the coup in the South Pacific, which most certainly deserves respect.

Unfortunately, the proposal's author has consistently persecuted an effort to undermine the Bloc's sovereignty and independence. The Ministry does not feel comfortable with such a nation receiving yet another badge.

As such, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has directed Kethania to vote AGAINST "Commend Numero Capitan", and urges the Bloc's World Assembly nations to do the same.

Analysis By: Mlakhavia
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