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Global Trade Fair 101 (A Basic “How To” Guide) 📦

[sub]Behold! The Global Trade Fair! [/sub][/center]

Hello there! If you are new to the game, you may or may not be aware of this event, called the [url=]Global Trade Fair[/url]. You may be wondering what to do or why to do. This guide has been created to help you learn the ins and outs of the game! Ready? Let’s begin!

[color=blue][b][size=150]What is the Global Trade Fair?[/size]
[sub]What this is all about?[/sub][/b][/color]

To summarize; “For a limited time, nations are invited to view and collect a range of goods, which you may stash and display in your regions.”

“Unlike all those other world events, this will be a celebration of love and co-operation! And to keep it that way, there will be inspections and confiscations.”

That’s the whole gist of it. Basically, you collect and steal items. You can then stash those items in your region… or dispose of them! It’s up to you. The goal of the game would be to stash as many items in your region as you can.

Still don’t understand, that’s ok! In the next part we will explain the gameplay mechanics. 


[color=blue][b][size=150]How to Participate in the Global Trade Fair?[/size]
[sub]What do all the buttons do?[/sub][/b][/color]

First, once the event is live, you will need to go to [url=][i]this[/i][/url] page to started. Next, you’ll need to hit the big button that says “ENTER TRADE FAIR”, once you have done that, you’re in!

You will then be brought to the main page of the event, there are several key things you need to take note of here:

[sub]1. Item Storage[/sub]

[sub]2. Cooldown Clock
3. “Manage Your Goods” Section
4. “Inspect Nation” Section
5. “Leave Global Trade Fair” Button[/sub]

[sub]6. Activity Log[/sub]

I know this can seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t panic! We can easily break this down to help you understand.

You must understand the game. As described before, you will need to get/steal items, so that you can stash them in your region. Let’s start.


[size=130][color=blue][b]Nation’s Goods (1):[/b][/color][/size]

[b]Nation’s Goods:[/b]

Here is your item storage. You will see at the top, a list of different goods under the section “Nation’s Goods”. This is where your acquired and plundered items you can stash into the region will appear.


Bellow is the area where most of your attention will need to go to in order to win the game. There are several things to note, so be sure to make sure you understand it all. Don’t stress though, it’s fairly simple.


[size=130][color=blue][b]Timer (2):[/b][/color][/size]


Here is your “action” timer. This is the cooldown that happens every time you take an action. It lasts around 15 seconds between each action. You cannot preform an action until the cooldown reaches 0. 


Now you may be wondering, “what is an action?”. That’s where this part comes in. Bellow the clock are 2 areas. The “Manage Goods” and “Inspect Nation” areas.


[size=130][color=blue][b]Manage Goods (3):[/b][/color][/size] 

The Manage Goods area is where you will managed your goods. Here you can either stash or destroy anyone of your items. 



The stash button will say “STASH in Region Name”. To stash an item, select one using the item chooser button. Once selected, you can hit the button and that time will be stashed in your region! It will increase your region’s rank in the number of items of that category. Once you press the “stash” button, it will count as an action.



There is also the “DESTROY” button. As you guessed it, whatever item you have selected will be destroyed! Meaning it can no longer be accessed by you, or anyone who looks to steal it. Once you press the “destroy” button, it will count as an action.



Finally there is the “SHIP” button. Beside it will be a small box that says “Nation…”. If you wish to send an item to another nation, such as a friend or a puppet, you can type that nation’s name into the small box to the left, then hit “SHIP”. This will send it to that nation’s item storage. Once you press the “ship” button, it will count as an action.


[size=130][color=blue][b]Manage Your Goods (4):[/b][/color][/size]

Bellow the “Manage Your Goods” section, there is the “Inspect Nation” Section. Here you can inspect other nation’s and steal their goods.



You will notice a small little box with the words “Nation…” in it, a list of different items to choose from, and a button that says “INSPECT”.

To inspect a nation, first, select your target. Once you have done that, choose what item you want to search for. After that, hit the “INSPECT” button and watch the magic happen. Once you press the “inspect” button, it will count as an action.

If you get lucky, you will get an item. However, more likely then not, you will receive nothing. That’s ok! Most nation’s don’t have the item types of items. It’s always good to try and find out beforehand if someone has a specific type of item. 

Be careful though! Inspecting is a two-way street. Meaning if someone chooses so, they can inspect you can steal your items! 


[size=130][color=blue][b]Leave Trade Fair (5):[/b][/color][/size] 

[b]Leave Trade Fair:[/b]

After all of that, you have the “LEAVE TRADE FAIR” button. This will exit you from the Global Trade Fair, meaning you can’t inspect or be inspected, stash, or destroy any item. This will basically pause you from the game. Don’t worry, your items will be kept safe and any goods you have stashed will stay.


[size=130][color=blue][b]Activity Log (6):[/b][/color][/size] 

[b]Activity Log:[/b]

The final area of importance is the activity log. Here, you can view you nation’s actions throughout the game. You can see when you preformed such actions as stashing an item, inspecting a player, shipping an item to another player, etc…


And there you go! A basic rundown of everything you need to know to play the game.


[color=blue][b][size=150]Other Important Stuff to Know.[/size]
[sub]Hyperlink & Other Stuff.[/sub][/b][/color]

This is some more stuff you might want to know for playing the game.

[*] You can view the national happenings of all trading going on. Through the [url=][i]Log Channel[/i][/url] you can see what type of global and regional activity is happening.

[*] You can view what region’s have the most items and what type of item’s does the region have by visiting the [url=][i]Regional Stashes[/i][/url] page.

[*] You can see the history of who had the most items at the end of the Global Trade Fair from previous events on the [url=][i]History[/i][/url] page.

[*] Randomized “Breaking News” bulletins will appear on the Global Trade Fair page. A fun detail from Max.

[*] There are (As of 2023) 13 goods you can collect, they are:


[*] [b]Uranium:[/b] Sweet, sickly uranium. Perfect for generating clean power in nuclear power stations, or enriching into a payload for weapons of mass destruction.

[*] [b]Gas Centrifuges:[/b] Converts boring, ordinary uranium into delicious, nutrient-rich U-235. Banned by international treaty.

[*] [b]Electronics:[/b] Doodad electrical whatchamathingies. You know the ones.

[*] [b]Tractor Parts:[/b] Tractors, but in parts. To the untrained eye, may resemble gas centrifuges.

[*] [b]Kittens:[/b] It's a box. There are kittens inside. You can play with them, if you want. And you do. Oh, yes, you do.

[*] [b]Humanitarian Potatoes:[/b] Hungry people need protein. And starch. That's what you get from humanitarian potatoes.

[*] [b]Inspector Uniforms:[/b] You can't just march into another nation and demand to inspect their goods. You have to look the part.

[*] [b]Coffee Beans:[/b] Mmmm. Rich, aromatic coffee beans. Nothing like 'em.

[*] [b]Gold Bullion:[/b] You were never really sure what bullion was before. Bars? Lumps? Slabs? Now you know. Now you wonder how you ever thought it could be anything else.

[*] [b]Patriotic Flags: [/b] It's time to celebrate your nation's glorious achievements. Even if that means shutting down for a national holiday, making foreign inspections impossible.

[*] [b]Shipping Containers:[/b] The thing about shipping containers is you never think about them until you need one. But then they're really handy.

[*] [b]Sticky Labels:[/b] It's easier to store things with sticky labels. They make everything neat and tidy.

[*] [b] Cassowary Eggs:[/b] You know how many Cassowary Eggs fit in a box? Thirty-two. No more, no less.

The items all have their fair share of fun gimmicks and gags, so always be prepared for the wackiest things to happen while handling them.


That’s it! You should know everything you need to know for the event. If you need some more help, considering talking to the locals within your region. Odds are your government has some game plan for the event so be sure to do your part and help out. Have fun!

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