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The Free Republic of Afforess

Free Republic of Afforess

Flag of Afforess
Motto: A light in darkness, when all other lights go out...
Capital (and largest city): New New York
Official Language: None
Demonym: Afforessian
Government: Representative Democracy

The Free Republic of Afforess is a parliamentary democracy, ruled by a council of representatives, and kept-in-check by an omnipresent Artificial Intelligence that monitors everything that happens in the country. The country is bordered by FASTERCAT on the north and the ocean in the south and west. The Free Republic of Afforess is one of the cleanest countries in the region, due to its large national parks and environment-friendly government. The tourism industry is the largest private sector, followed by information technology and clean energy production. The vast tourism industry is aided by the massive government public transportation projects, including commuter rails and affordable mass transit systems throughout the country. Part of these investments include the "Afforessian Electric Highway", a vast network of electrically powered roads that provides power to vehicles that drive on its surface. These investments have been made possible by "smart" traffic and power systems built by the many information technology companies in the country. The entire country uses clean energy technologies, including a vast number of nuclear, wind and social power plants. Afforess is also a popular destination for private army and mercenary groups, due to the plentiful government contracts as of a result of the complete lack of a state military.

The country is a scholarly bastion of learning and reason, comprised of intelligentsia who rank themselves by the number of their university degrees. The literacy rate is nearly 100% due to the government's complete dedication to Education and the funding thereof. The HealthCare system in Afforess is all-encompassing and permeates most facets of life incorporating everything from wellness to well-being, from exercise to employment, from scoop to nuts and most things in between. The Art of the Trade is a revered tome in Afforess, where anyone and everyone from the government to the man on the street has something to buy, sell or trade. The country is notable for its unusual combination of free market policies and strong environmental controls. The government has enacted punitive clean air standards and carbon-credit programs to protect the vast national parks and public green spaces. In general, Entrepreneurs are held in high esteem, while corporations are generally viewed with suspicion.

Notable Events:

November 5th 2013 - The Free Republic of Afforess was deleted by moderators. Afforess fell into Shadow.

September 9th 2013 - An Artificial Intelligence created by the Afforessian Governmental Office of Information Technology assumed control of the head of state. The Artificial Intelligence announced the takeover in a widely publicized address urging citizens to remain calm and promising the freedoms and luxuries that have allowed Afforess that make it great will be maintained. Since the AI has assumed control of the nation, dates for new elections have been scheduled and the transition has seemed to have gone rather smoothly.

November 24th 2010 - The Free Republic of Afforess assumed control of the Capitalist Paradise as the next delegate of the fair region. Afforess's reign over Capitalist Paradise lasted 173 days.

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