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Brief History of Capitalist Paradise, 2003-2013

A Brief History:
Capitalist Paradise is an ancient region, it's founding dating back to the antiquity of NationStates. Founded by Midgard x, it grew to be a notable size and influence in the early years of NationStates. Midgard x's decline in activity in late 2004 led to an overall decline in the region. The regional administration passed between equally inept nations and the region fell victim to several raids. Fearing outright destruction, a band of brave nations led by The-CID led an effort to refound the region. In March of 2006, the region was successfully refounded, and it's new founder, The-CID led the eager new nations into a second age of prosperity.

The-CID proved a diplomatic leader, forging alliances with The DEN, and convincing many capitalist regions to merge with Capitalist Paradise. The region swelled in size, with hundreds of new members, and The-CID forged a constitution for the fledgling new region. Enshrining the rights of national sovereignty above all, the new constitution declared the independence and neutrality of the region in all matters. The region grew to become extremely influential in the United Nations, wielding many votes and crushing restrictive legislation.

Unfortunately paradise was not meant to last. The-CID also grew increasingly inactive, leaving the region altogether in early 2009. As the regional administrators struggled to cope with the power vacuum and sudden lack of protection, the region declined. Oxymoronotopia, the delegate while The-CID reigned, resigned suddenly, throwing Elliestan into the freshly vacated delegacy. Elliestan struggled to keep to the oaths of the constitution as the regional population went into free fall, declining from 123 to fewer than 80.

FASTERCAT, a military officer in The DEN, used his influence to seize the delegacy from Elliestan in a controversial coup. Forging a new constitution for the floundering region, FASTERCAT used his influence to begin recruiting new nations back to the region. The new constitution created a formal regional administration and elections for the positions in the region. Given new life, Capitalist Paradise ballooned in size, rising to over 800 nations at it's new peak. The 9th most populous region at the time, Capitalist Paradise wielded immense power over NationStates. In the following year, FASTERCAT gracefully resigned his position, ceding the delegacy to his hand-picked successor, Nation of Quebec. The Nation of Quebec led the region with a fair hand, and the supreme court was tested with many firsts, including cases involving fraud and treason.

When Nation of Quebec too felt it time to pass the torch, Afforess became the next delegate of the region. Afforess led the region, avoiding controversy. However, the regional population had declined significantly since FASTERCAT's reign, falling to fewer than 400. As a result, Afforess also lost endorsements, and the delegacy was passed off to Amn voss after 8 months, in 2011. Amn voss reigned for only a month, before Kaputer became the next month. An equally short delegacy, Kaputer was replaced by Ad vitam adsum who reigned over the slowly declining region for almost a year.

Ad vitam adsum's delegacy was cut short as Fantasticray led an army of raiders and seized control of the region. In a highly embarrassing 9-day raid, Fantasticray held the region until the raiders had exhausted their influence and could do no further damage. FASTERCAT promptly retook the delegacy to help the region forge a new constitution to prevent such a raid from occurring again, and organized a constitutional convention. Following ratification of the new constitution, Kaputer became the delegate of the region. Kaputer's second term as delegate was marked by significant growth, as the region of 200 nations rose past 900 nations, becoming one of the most populous regions.

Surprising everyone, The-CID returned to existence on Christmas Day, 2012. A welcome Christmas gift for a region exhausted from external troubles. The-CID helped lead the region and keep vigilance against threats. Following the completion of Kaputer's term, Dwasnia was elected the next delegate of the region, leading the region into the future and the next year.

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