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My Flag: An Explanation, and Invitation to Use [LGBI] / [TERF-II]

When I created my original flag (pictured on my S3 card) I did so with the intent of it being blunt and simple. However, on further consideration, I have realized it was somewhat irregular and lacked proper context to immediately understand the symbols. I also feel that it did not accurately portray my positions. Therefore, I have endeavored to construct a flag that uses culturally relevant iconography to properly communicate my stance, while maintaining the same forward, simple style.

Here is a full-size image of my flag, with an explanation of the symbolism used:

LGBI Flag / Intersex Inclusionary TERF Flag

  • The colors Green and Purple evoke the original woman's suffrage flag, as a symbol of equality between the sexes. In modern times, the trans movement has disparaged these colors as being associated with TERFs: Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

  • The color white has been excluded from the suffrage flag, so there are only two color stripes, to suggest the same style as the cisgender flag. It should be noted that this simply reflects the biological categories of male and female, and is not itself a reference to sexual orientation. Therefore, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are included on this flag

  • The intersex symbol is included on the hoist, in solidarity with those individuals whose biological reality is an outlier. Similar to the progress flag, it is shaped as a forward arrow, suggesting that real progress and happiness come from embracing reality; not social fantasies.

    As the title suggests, I invite anyone who wishes to use this flag to do so, in defense of both equal rights and common sense.

The proud transphobe