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News from the Past - Romance Unfolds Between Crown Prince Augustus and Oruzian Princess!


Famous Frenzy Exclusive: Romance Unfolds Between Crown Prince Augustus and Oruzian Princess!
Written by Sophía Geōrgíou, 16 December 2009

Oh, how I've missed writing for Famous Frenzy! I'm back and better than ever, with some shocking news that will have diplomats and fans of the Imperial Family reeling!

On a cold winter's day, in the Grand Park in Sofenburg, Oruzia, Crown Prince Augustus was spotted hand in hand with Princess Wilhelmina, niece of the Oruzian queen! They were both dressed in casual clothes and seemed to be enjoying each other's company, despite the many onlookers. And as luck would have it, your's truly was also in the park at the time, gathering all the details for you!


".. So when will you show me?"
"Tonight, Wilha .."
But not everyone was happy about this display of affection. One Sofenburg resident, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the royals were "being a disgrace to the monarchy" by showing their relationship in public.

I also managed to speak to some witnesses who overheard snippets of the couple's conversation. And we have exclusive audio evidence of what they said! Could it be that these two are planning something scandalous? See the audio on the right!

As the controversy surrounding Crown Prince Augustus and Princess Wilhelmina's relationship continues to unfold, it's clear that this will be one of the most talked-about scandals of the year. While some are outraged by the royals' public displays of affection, others are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their romance.

Whatever happens, Famous Frenzy will be there to bring you all the latest updates and exclusive details. Don't miss out on the inside scoop - subscribe now and never miss an issue!