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Kianese-Rostorian Free Trade Agreement

The Federal Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The United States of Kianhua

Kianese-Rostorian Free Trade Agreement

The following parties of these treaties, The United States of Kianhua, and the Federation of Rostoria (Greater Rostoria),

Agreeing that a mutual benefit exists in the streamlining of trade through an agreement of free trade,

Confirming that the terms stated in this agreement have been extensively reviewed and are accepted as agreeable by our nations,

Affirming our commitment to fulfill the terms of this agreement to the best of our ability, in good faith, and in unwavering commitment,

Hereby approve and ratify this agreement on this day, 12th of March, year of 2033

- No tariffs: Goods that will be bound for either nation shall not have the standard import/export tariffs levied on them

- Inter-agency Trade Coordination: The governments of both nations shall, through the relevant authorities, coordinate the shipments of goods between each nation by way of sharing shipping information and manifests. Shipping vehicles such as cargo vessels and aircraft shall have their shipping information and manifests verified and sent to the relevant authorities of the arrival country by the relevant authorities of the departure country.

- Financial Institution Transaction, Identification and Verification System (FITIV): The banks of both nations wishing to make transactions overseas shall register and conduct transactions digitally through the FITIV System which will secure financial transactions between the banks of both countries. The FITIV System shall also include anti-fraud functions.

- Digital Free Trade Provisions - The government of both nations shall adopt a framework allowing the free trading of digital products and services over the internet via officially-recognized and certified online platforms and digital payment services.

- Embassy establishment: Embassies shall be established at the capitals of both countries.

- Investment Agreement - The governments of both nations shall put forward to it's largest investment firms a plan to invest in various industries of eachother's economy

- Revocation, Amendments, and Termination Provisions: If either state violates the provisions and terms of this treaty, the affected state reserves the right to revoke this agreement citing the violations of the offending state without the offending state's consent. If both states wish to amend this agreement or convert it into a treaty, they must do so with the approval and ratification of both states' legislatures. If either state wishes to amend this agreement or convert it into a treaty, they can do so only if the other state approves the amendments. If both states wishes to terminate this agreement, they shall do so with the approval and ratification of both states' legislatures. Either state can terminate this agreement if the current relationship between the governments of both states has been demonstrated to be dysfunctional. In the event of any of these changes, except in the event of revocation, both government shall be responsible for the transitioning from the frameworks provided from this agreement and shall be held liable for all foreseeable inconveniences and disruptions caused by either actions.

Signed by,

Min-Li Kuang
President of the United States of Kianhua

Michael Brandenburg
President of the Federation of Rostoria

The United States of Kianhua