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The Flag Bible (WIP)

A Guide to Good Flag Making(WIP)

So, you want to know how to make a good flag? Here are some tips and tricks on flag design to make your flag not look like it was made in a kindergarten art class.


A good flag needs to have nice colors. Some colors go well with each other, others donít. Contrasting colors go well with one another.

Examples of good color combos

Red and Black

Red, White, and Blue

Yellow, Green, and Black

Pink and Light blue

Purple and Yellow

Blue and Orange

Black and White

Examples of bad color combos

Green and Pink

Orange, Magenta, and Blue


Multiple shades of brown or gray

Pink and Yellow

Gray along with multiple vibrant colors such as green or red


A good flag design is one that is unique, but also easy on the eyes. Certain design features can make your flag look really unique, or just add some extra flair.

Basic Design Features

Bicolor and Tricolor, having your colors taking up equal spaces on the flag, either vertically or horizontally. Ex: France, Belgium, Poland, Austria

Side bars, and side triangles. Having a triangle or rectangle at the right or left side of the flag. Ex: UAE, Czechia

Diagonal Quartering and Bisecting. Bisecting is when a color of a flag takes up half of the flag in a triangle shape, ex: Anarcho Communism flag. Quartering is multiple colors take up 4 of the quarters of the flag as triangles ex: Jamaica

Stripes, Bands, and Nordic Crosses. Stripes are thin horizontal or vertical lines on a flag, ex: USA, Botswana. Bands are thin diagonal lines on a flag, ex: South Africa, Scotland. The Nordic crosses are the cross stripe design found on the Nordic flags, ex: Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

Shapes and Complex designs