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by The Armed Republic of Romanic Imperium. . 75 reads.

Curtains close

.... Sigh I really wished it hadn't come to this.... but well it has. Here I go By Jaguar or Romanic and I was once a rper who was for better or worse ingrained in the NS Forums and 3 regions. When I first joined I joined during winter break for fun. I joined a region called Declansburg. It was a community. Also I set a record I think for most bans. 4 bans the 4th was final. But for about half a year I rode with Declansburg than Declansburg split and I joined Aros Elyium I spent a month there then returned to Declansburg. There I became notorious as the chaos guy. I had spectacular civil wars. I would call my self a bit of a showman. It was always flashy and eye catching. During one such civil war I created the largest World war yet in Declansburg involving the Founder, multiple regional officers, and other citizens. Then when I thought everything was good a freind of mine was injured by a gunman in my hometown. After that things went even more downhill I withdrew from International Incidents forum and I hooked up with ICON. A alliance that is quite amazing then my life went downhill more I fractured my tibia bone during a soccer game forcing me to be unable to play my beloved sport. Then a nation that went By Imperia created a lot of drama in ICON. I briefly returned to International Incidents but left just as quickly. Imperia was banned from ICON next. ICON activity went the lowest its ever been. Since then I Was banned from Declansburg joined Novus Lucidum and become the regional security Officer. Since then my relationship with My Gf broke down we broke up. My life began spiraling out of control. My Uncle was killed in a car crash. And with my life spiraling my activity has gone down tremendously with me hopping on very rarely. So that brings us to now a day after the hardest hit came. My best freind who had survived A gunshot to the arm died in the hospital after being rushed to the ER 2 days ago. I still don't know the details. But now I have made a decision. My nations Romanic Imperium and The Orchid Fleet will be shutting down. For how long I don't know. But I will not be on NS possibly for a long time. But before the curtains close on my tale I would like to thank everybody that has helped me grow on NS. I appreciate you and wish you the best.

~Best Wishes RI