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The North Pacific's Card Symposium: Guest Speaker Schedule

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Guest speakers?

Yes, really! As part of the 2023 Cards Symposium, guest speakers + panelists outside of The North Pacific will be appearing throughout the event in order to give lectures about cards and/or answer any questions event participants may have regarding the lecturers' trading experiences!

This opportunity to really get to know these skilled users' personal experiences with cards doesn't come very often, so this will be highly beneficial if you wish to enhance your knowledge regarding the cards community!

Who will be speaking, and when will they appear?

To see the full schedule for every speaker that will appear, please view the following schedule. Please note that this is tentative and speakers may be added and/or removed within the next few days:



When Speaker Will Appear

Lecture Transcript

New Makasta is a user who has went above and beyond in terms of dedication. They have won an award for creating thousands of alternate-nation accounts (which have subsequently been made into cards), as well as managing to reach #1 in deck value at their prime! A user who continues to remain active to this day, New Makasta has many stories to tell regarding how and why they've accomplished so much as an individual cards trader!

Lecture Format: Q&A regarding various card exploits completed during their time as a player.

March 20


9003 makes a return as well. Being a commended cards trader who currently possesses the largest card collection by far, 9003 is a unique player in that they managed to amass an extreme amount of cards (over 300000!), something which is now nigh-impossible due to the recent deck capacity changes. What's kept them so devoted to collecting, you might ask? Find out once they appear in this year's symposium!!

Lecture Format: Q&A regarding their experiences and tactics in amassing a large collection.

March 21


Apexiala is a very ambitious trader who seeks out (both) the inherent beauty and overall value of the cards they collect. They're gathered numerous collections of varying themes, and their center of focus seems to be ones that they personally find interesting and captivating. Overall, Apexiala gives off the impression of being a player who collects for fun while steadily maintaining one of the greatest assortments of card collections (whether it be GIF cards, anime cards, etc.) in the process!

Lecture Format: Q&A regarding their overall experiences in cards + knowledge of creating unique card collections

March 22


Giovanniland returns this year with even more lecture-heavy material! As you might know, Gio has once risen to Linkthe very top of the deck value leaderboard as well as being the manager of numerous card organizations + an entire archive of collections. However, there is much speculation that Gio has even become Linkthe very reason why Season 3 is even a thing today! With their vast knowledge in the trading card scene, Gio's sure to make an impression on you!

Lecture Format: Lecture regarding the history of Cards (a continuation from last year), followed by Q&A for the remaining duration of their appearance.

March 23


Mikeswill also returns this year, having continued to (once again) Linkrise to the very top of the leaderboard despite the whirlwind of changes that were thrust upon the card community. Mikeswill is an amazing example of how hard work and dedication can overcome even the greatest of odds, so be sure to tune in once they make their appearance!

Lecture Format: Q&A on a wide arrange of topics (including inflation and navigating a trading environment full of challenging and/or newer players).

March 24


Want to gain a wider knowledge regarding cards? Then make sure to tune in to the speakers listed above! Their lectures definitely will benefit you if you participate 🃏