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The North Pacific's Card Symposium: "International Artwork" Contest 🎨

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Artwork creation contest?

You may be wondering as to how artwork relates to cards. To answer your question, the phrase "international artwork" is the official term that is used to refer to the NationStates Cards game. (It even has its own stat to justify this!)

Therefore, as part of the 2023 Cards Symposium event, we're going to be hosting an artwork creation contest in which each participant in the contest must submit 1 graphic of any kind to the event planners. The exact rules regarding the contest can be read below.

What are the rules for the contest?

  • 1. When does the event start and end? - The competition will officially begin on Sunday - 3/19/2023 at 4:00 A.M. CST/5:00 A.M. ET/10:00 A.M. UTC. It will end on Saturday - 3/25/2023 at 12:00 P.M. CST/1:00 P.M. ET/6:00 P.M. UTC.

    • Any submission made before or after the event duration will not be eligible for winning.

  • 2. What graphics are eligible to be submitted? - There will be 2 categories for this event: 1) Original Artwork and 2) Season 4 Card Designs.

    For the Original Artwork category, anything that is an original creation + site-appropriate will be permitted. Graphics of any kind, whether it be regular images, GIF images, or something related will be allowed. This is done for the sake of allowing wider creativity in the contest.

    • Plagiarized graphics (i.e. any graphic that is not original or not heavily modified by the participant) and/or site-inappropriate submissions will not be eligible for winning.

    For the Season 4 Card Design category, you may submit any card design that is original. This may include creating an entirely new card design from scratch (see this as an example) or simply modifying an existing design using the LinkInspect Element feature. As long as it's made by you, it'll be accepted!

    • Unoriginal season 4 designs (i.e. any card design that is plagiarized or not heavily modified by the participant) and/or site-inappropriate designs will not be eligible for winning.

  • 3. How will I be able to submit my artwork? - A channel within the LinkEvent Discord Server will be provided for all participants to submit their graphics. Alternatively, telegramming a link to the graphic to one of the event planners (Noahs Second Country, Destructive Government Economic System, 9003, Indusse, or Panagouge) will also suffice.

  • 4. How will the winners be decided? - Due to a greater variety of categories this year, the winners will be decided by a public vote. Any participant will be able to vote, so make sure to stick around if you want a particular artwork to win!

What do I get for winning?

Not only will you receive much-needed bragging rights + congratulations for winning, but you'll also be gifted a legendary card for winning!

Should you win the Original Artwork category, you'll receive a Season 1 Frisbeeteria card. This is one of the rarest, most popular, and most valuable cards in the entire game, so giving this contest a shot will offer you the chance to immediately boost your deck with something everyone wants!

As for the Season 4 Card Design category, you'll receive a Season 2 Helaw. A highly decorated card of a (previous) Issue Editor, your collection's certain to rise in value should this card land itself in your deck!

With all this being said, we hope to see you participate! Artwork is one of the very foundations of Trading Cards, so whatever you submit we'll definitely look forward to seeing its greatness 🃏🎨