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Down Scoblic is a country that has 13 districts, each of which represents a dystoian utopian state in which citizens are protected from the harsh realities of life. In order to maintain their image as utopia-makers, the government has hired 13 people to keep their citizens happy. These individuals are called Keepers of Hope and are responsible for ensuring that their district does not fall out of line with what it means to be a utopian society.

The Keepers are not held accountable for their actions—they can do whatever they want without fear of consequences because they serve the greater good: keeping Down Scoblic on track. Each Keeper has access to an arsenal of weapons, including guns, bombs, and knives. Some even use these weapons on themselves if they feel like they cannot continue living up to their standards as a Keeper. Down Scoblic is made up of 13 districts, each with a unique climate and culture. The districts are:

1) District 1: The Capitol

2) District 2: The Riverlands

3) District 3: The Toxic Wastes

4) District 4: The Fertile Fields

5) District 5: The Great Forest

6) District 6: The Mountains of Fire

7) District 7: The Frozen Plaines

8) District 8: The Great Oasis

9) District 9: The Great Sea (Lake Superior)

10) District 10: The Great Desert (Arizona/New Mexico/Nevada/Utah/California border region)

11) District 11: The Green Hills (Colorado Rockies and surrounding areas)

12) District 12 (formerly known as "District 13"): A mix of both utopia districts and dystopian states that have all been abandoned by their previous inhabitants due to some unknown catastrophe involving all-out war between them; the only survivors are those who were in other parts of Down Scoblic at the time it happened and have since returned there once things settled down again. Down Scoblic is a country that is ruled by a totalitarian government. The government controls all aspects of life, including the economy and religion. The country was founded in 2040 by a group of scientists who wanted to start over after a devastating pandemic killed off most of humanity. The remaining population moved underground to avoid contamination from the surface.

The country is divided into 13 districts and one Utopian state. Each district has a different purpose, like mining or farming, and citizens are assigned jobs based on their skills and interests. All citizens are required to work at least one hour per day for the government; however, if they do not wish to work, they can volunteer at another district where there is a shortage of workers.

The utopia state is called "Elysium." It is located in the center of Down Scoblic and houses only those who have proven themselves worthy of living in paradise.