by Max Barry

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by The Federation of Communist Central Party. . 53 reads.


The Communist Central Party Is A Country Which Is Half Pro Communist And Capitalist
After It Got Independence From A Classified Country Have Now Become And Independent State
455,000 Square Miles Which I Am 1178444.59 Square Kilometers

Orthodox Christian: 80%
Catholic Christian: 15.5%
Protestant Christian: 4%
Islamic: 0.4%
Sikhism: 0.1%

Embassies In My Land
New Scus Seanion

Embassies In Foreign Land
New Scus Seanion

Capital: Veriox
Largest Technology City: Valancea

The land I call my home,
From the battlegrounds
From green forests,
how big will fatherland rise,
Communism Spread Proudly
The Central Communist Party Will Rise,
Oh God, oh God
Forever, Your flag will wave
nobody shall ever land a blade on us,
Hence on us
our glory shall be pride
Long Live Communism

Central Commite

Also Around 32% Of Our Population Is From Dessionia

The Holy Church And The New Church Are Our Biggest Church